From neighborhood thief to international star: The Weeknd’s story of overcoming

The interpreter of “In your eyes”theme that sounds every day and, day also in CHAIN100rose to fame at the end of 2010 after uploading several videos to the YouTube platform under the pseudonym of The Weeknd. But his career really took off when he released “House of Ballons”, “Thuersday” and “Echoes of Silence”. After this comes what we all know, his 6 very successful studio albums: ‘Kiss Land’ (2013), ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ (2015), ‘Straboy’ (2016), ‘My Dear Melancholy’ (2018), ‘After Hours’ (2020) and, his last, but not least, ‘Dawn FM’ (2021).

But what was Abel like before fame? He is born in the nineties in Canada, was raised in Scarborough a various full of different cultures. Throughout his adolescence he worked at various jobs, to help at home and in the evenings he attended night school. So far he seemed, and everything, a responsible boy.

But, his life gave a 360 turn, when his father abandoned the family, from that moment his grandmother became his legal guardian and thanks to her he learned Armarhic. At this point in his life, Abel decided to establish a series of friendships that did not particularly benefit him. He shoplifted in supermarkets, he started smoking dope with only 11 years. When he got bored with it, his relationship with drugs increased, he tried harder substances like Ketamine or MDMA.

Six years later, he made a key decision in his life, he left the institute and he ran away from home, but he did not go alone, since he convinced his friend Lamar, who was part of his crew, to do the same. And since he was going to be on indefinite vacation, because he was no longer going to attend school, he decided to change his name to The Weekend. But for copyright reasons, by the Canadian band, the final “E” was omitted, Have you noticed this name detail?

His fame rose like foam after the success of his first album “Kissland” and, well, from there, we all know the rest of the successes that he has collected throughout his musical career. But now, what really interests us, the gossip, we tell you the most interesting and curious situations that he has experienced since he began to associate with the elite of celebrities.

In January 2015, the singer, reaching his greatest point of fame until then, was on the run, he was arrested for hitting an officer in Las Vegas and after not advocating any resolution, he was sentenced to 50 community hours. Also, he started dating the international model Bella Hadid. In it coachella That year was the first public appearance they made, but without any kind of confirmation. The rumors grew, until in December of that same year the model starred in the video clip of “In the night”. The rumors were confirmed on the red carpet of the 2016 Grammy Awards. Months later they confirmed their high-profile breakup. In that year, Abel, who was on the run, was arrested for hitting an officer in Las Vegas and after not advocating any resolution, he was sentenced to 50 community hours. In 2018 they tried to resume their relationship in secret, they had several dates in Paris. But hiding is not his thing, thousands of his photographs collapsed social networks. But they did not last long, in June 2019 it occurred again that, once again, love had ended.

Model Bella Hadid and The Weeknd out for a Walk on a Rainy Day

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid on the streets of NY

Another romance that we cannot ignore is the one he had with the exactriz of Disney, Selena Gomez. The love of her gave free rein in 2019, but it did not last more than 10 months. Several of the songs on the album, ‘My Dear Melancholy’ are rumored to go to the American model and singer. The most controversial? “Call out my name”, in which she reproaches Gómez for not having reciprocated sentimentally, when he was about to donate a kidney to her. ‘Cut off a part of himself for his life’, that’s what the song relates.

In 2018, The Weeknd entered the world of acting with the Netflix original movie, Rough diamonds. He had co-stars like Adam Sandler, Julia Fox, Lakeith Stanfield… In this 2022 he returns to this world with the HBO series “The Idol”, which will star alongside Lily-Rose Deep. This project will tell us the story of a young pop star who falls madly in love with the owner of an exclusive club in Los Angeles who… hides a dark secret. The release date? Don’t know yet, but soon.

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From neighborhood thief to international star: The Weeknd’s story of overcoming

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