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When the story of a rockstar, his music and the big screen come together in the same combo, it becomes an almost orgasmic moment for all fans of that band or artist. Like in Big Bang We are fans of the melodies that make your heart happy or that simply lead you to remember moments of your life that you want to treasure, in this note we detail the 5 biopics of the music scene that you cannot forget to see.

Bowie: the man who changed the world

Bowie: the man who changed the world is a documentary on Netflix that shows the legendary David Bowie, who went on tour at the age of 69 in 2016, in all his facets and how throughout his life he knew how to build an impeccable frontman image with that audiovisual magic, which after many years would be his undisputed hallmark in the empire of the music.

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Just seeing him unfold in this biopic with that mythical and unique image singing songs that would later become hymns, without a doubt, turns his time in this world into a legacy that will be eternal.

In this documentary you can also see the singer’s virtuosity in various arts, not only in the field of music. In addition, the story of this biography is armed in a way where you can see Bowie acting in different fields, but above all, the intimate life of the artist is shown according to his own words and testimonies of people who knew him. Undoubtedly, David Robert Jonesso he was baptized on January 8, 1947, became a legend.

metallica :yesome kind of monster

Metallica: some kind of monster is a documentary that emphasizes the band’s trajectory between 2001 and 2003, where the owners of metal live a complex moment. So serious was the crisis that many believed at the time that it may have been terminal.

Situations such as the bass player’s departure Jason Newsted and the difficult treatment against alcoholism of its leaderJames Hetfield, moments that marked the American group during this stage, but everything ended with the premiere of the album St. Anger (2003).

The pearl of this biopic that can be seen on Netflix is ​​that the intimacy of each of the members is shown, for example to Hetfield with their daughters going to the ballet or to Lars Ulrichdrummer and co-founder of Metallicashowing his facet as a painter and how the whole band has therapy sessions with the psychologist, Phil Towleto be able to manage their emotions within the band.

Break everything, the history of Latin American rock: from Soda Stereo to Coffee Tacvba

This biopic directed by Picky Talarico, tells the story of rock in Latin America in a documentary miniseries that addresses the rock en español movement in Latin America and its relationship with the governments, catastrophes, and conflicts that have plagued it. 50 years of music are described in 6 chapters.

Soda Stereo, Charlie GarciaCafé Tacvba and Aterciopelados, among a hundred figures, are part of this documentary that shows the B side of the frontman, of the tours and of a whole musical structure that few know.

The controversies that this documentary generated when it was released in 2020 had to do with the excessive appearance of Gustavo Santaolalla which generated a creation of memes that would go down in history on social networks.

Of course we know that the creator of “Arco Iris”, a mythical band from the 70s, manager of many bands present in the documentary and winner of an Oscar twice, is crack, but for the next one, more music and less close-ups.

Lady Gaga and her “Poker face” that attracts the public so much

Gaga: five foot two is a biography that focuses on the process of creating Joanne, in 2016, the popstar’s fifth studio album and her preparation for her second performance at the halftime show of the Super Bowl edition (2017), after having sung the anthem of the United States the previous year.

In the documentary you can see a Gaga in the middle of backstage of all this musical assembly and as the creator of her Little Monsters expresses her ideas with that simplicity that characterizes her so much and how she praises her mistakes and feels good about them, almost like a mantra so that her fans feel that what is important it is being oneself, regardless of sex, religion or nationality. This documentary is an allegory to be genuine and not to be afraid of what they will say.

The biopic, like everything that these artists do, is exciting and that sometimes weighs heavily on the plot of the documentary, handkerchiefs are not enough for tears. Also, in the filming he gets into different controversies, for example he talks about Madonna with his bassist Nick Movson in the garage of the recording studio and ensures: “I want Madonna to pin me against a fucking wall, kiss me and tell me I’m shit.”

On the other hand, he states why he is no longer so close to his followers and many images of Gaga can be seen in the doctor.

Taylor Swift: the American dream in a female version

In Miss Americana, the sweet singer from Pennsylvania, Taylor Swift appeal a many moments that happened throughout his life through videos of his childhood with home images, in the style Justin Bieber. For example, one of them is when he received his first guitar and I can feel his fingers creating songs, lor that gave the beginning of his career as a singer.

Also in this 1 hour 25 minute biopic, the American country reference focuses the focus on herself to allow herself to tell what her nightmares, obsessions and Achilles heels are.

A Swift, Like all female singers, it has not been easy for her to spread her wings without the endorsement of a man, especially in the music industry at such levels of success. As it happens to all of us, taylor He shows in this film that he suffers, that he has bad moments and that sometimes loneliness plays tricks on him or becomes an ally that allows him to learn.

The highlight of the Netflix production is when, in his own words, he tells how the incident with kanye-west at the 2009 Video Music Awards, when the singer took the stage to say that he should have won the award Beyoncegenerated a great conflict about his person and that need to please everyone that is impossible.

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From Lady Gaga to the secrets of Metallica: the 5 rock biopics you can’t miss – Big Bang! News

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