From Duki and Emilia to Camilo and Evaluna: couples who have collaborated in music

Every day it is more normal to find artists who have reached the top of their career separately and they ended up being a couple, either because they knew each other before or because fame has brought them together. What we are clear about is that many of them have created unique songsfull of feeling and complicity that, despite the years, we continue to listen to.

The bad news is that some of them are no longer together as is the case with Tini and Sebastián Yatra or Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. However, although their relationship has broken they will always be united for that matter, as if it were a common child, and we will never forget the moments they gave us.

Duki and Emilia

In the case of the Argentines they met thanks to their common topic, As if it didn’t matter. In the video we can see the chemistry they have, which has taken them from being friends and partying to being one of the most famous couples in urban music. They have also worked on This is just startinga single in which both they talk about the beginning of their love story while sharing images of their romantic dates.

Anuel AA and Yailin the most Viral

Although many only remember the collaboration with Karol G, Anuel AA has also worked with his current partner, yailin. The name of the song if you look for me and in it they make many references to their relationship while in the video clip they appear pictures of the two of you at airports or private places while they sing the theme together.

Camilo and Evaluna

We can say that it is one of the most beautiful couples and full of love that we have seen. Camilo and Evaluna have also collaborated on a multitude of songs dedicated to their relationship or to their daughter. For the first time, Machupichu or Indigo without the themes in which the two artists melt for each other, proving that true love really exists.

Nicki Nicole and Thunder

Nicki and Trueno are another of the relationships that we find in the urban genre. It seems that every day there are more Argentines who end up being a couple. in your case it was also the music that united themas they made their relationship official with the release of their first collaboration, mamichula. Now they are planning to reach the altar together, as the artist revealed in LOS40, but until then they will be able to launch more songs together, as is the case with Dangerous.

Guaynaa and Lele Pons

Lele and Guaynaa met in 2019 at a party organized by Becky G. At that time, she had a partner, so theirs was delayed until they both remained single. They later collaborated on you noticean urban theme in which they gave each other a kiss that few expected. A few years later, the Puerto Rican proposed heritage to the influencer. What you surely did not know about their relationship is that at the time they gave each other that beautiful kiss in the video clip they were not yet together.

Couples who are no longer together:

Tini and Sebastian Yatra

The breakup of their relationship broke many hearts among their followers, as they had been crowned one of the best couples of the moment. However, before this sad event, they had time to give us several songs that, to this day, we continue to listen to and enjoy as if they were together: Cristina, Hey, I want to go back, It Hurts So Much or There’s no one to stop us anymore.

Karol G and Anuel AA

This relationship is another example of couples we can never get over. Although many fans comment that things have not ended well between them, the artists say the opposite, as they see each other as support. In addition, they formed (and form) a great musical team, since they gave us great songs like Secret, Guilty or Follow.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

this break caught many fans by surprise who saw them as one of the best couples in the music industry. They were together two years, a time when they left us a multitude of songs together. The most outstanding and the one that made us sing and dance is Miss. We are sure that you still remember her.

And you, which couple do you like the most?

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From Duki and Emilia to Camilo and Evaluna: couples who have collaborated in music

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