From Bizarrap in NBA 2K22 to Paga Dios in CA7RIEL and Paco Amoroso | The #Hashtags of NO | New music and the best to watch, read, play, try and learn

#MakeitSimple The songs first. Before her departure to the Lollapalooza court, Louta opened her year with the simple Guaracha; and in the racket of new tracks came those from Limón (2332inspired by indie and produced by El Príncipe Idiota), by Mendoza’s Lauti Vera (sensations), by Martina Lanzaro (tags), NTSC (Eventuality), from Ekhtronic (I’m So Into You), of Turns (South) and the actress and performer Guada Manent (For better or worse).

#JoystickDivision Bizarrap made it to the NBA, or at least the game NBA 2K22with several of his BZRP Music Sessions added to his soundtrack and the producer turned into playable character. On the other hand, apex legends opened the pre-registration for its mobile version, which will launch in the coming months. And the Furious Gaming clan celebrates its first decade with a video that walks through the highlights of these first 10 years.

#AnyoneCanGoogle arrow click: 20 years after the first appearance of a gay couple in Cupidthe classic program of encounters broadcast by Much Music, a free talk will be released on 3/20 at 9:00 p.m. in El Cultural San Martín, with Lichi as moderator and the presence of the cycle’s host, Franco Torchia, and the original participants, Armando Rosales and Matias Rivero. Click on tables: an influencer, a domestic worker, a cameraman and an evangelist pastor cross paths in 32 weeksthe play by Pedro Gundesen starring Bimbo, which has performances on Tuesdays at the Picadero Theater. green click: the workshop Posthumanism in environmentalism with young people proposes a tour for pibxs through the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, on 3/19 at 4:30 p.m. click with choreo: the subsidy program Prodance opens its call for casts, venues, dance organizations and choreographers (until 3/24).

#VideosWithCream Ancestral fabrics, open spaces and alternatives to the world of the cis male are shared among the new video clips of Paloma del Cerro (Let it gowith femitribalism in a green space, a group of dancers and directed by Belén Asad) and the performer from Jujuy Baby Yors (Freak out the people, with queer devil choreography and inspiration in the Humahuacan carnival). In addition, CA7RIEL and Paco Amoroso met again for their “second season” of songs, and cut the clip of God pay; Dat García faced a dark allegation of impact and female crucifixion in burqa; Lula Miranda and G Sony put together a mansion, pool, lawn and drone fantasy for Returns; and Jero Jones used the backstage, seats and central avenues of CABA for the funky flashing of Peter Raul.

#Screen shots The old trick of watching shows without leaving home: El Plan de la Mariposa captured its debut at the Obras stadium last year with live audiovisual Trascenlace (live in Works), which is uploaded to YouTube and includes 33 songs. If you’re into robotics, watch out for the documentary more than robots, which follows four youth teams from Mexico, the United States, China, and Japan who, with limited resources, design their own droids for a competition (18/3, Star+). Also in documentary plan, a new installment of the saga comes out Bios. Lives that marked yoursdedicated to Colombian icons Aterciopelados (3/18, Star+).

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From Bizarrap in NBA 2K22 to Paga Dios in CA7RIEL and Paco Amoroso | The #Hashtags of NO | New music and the best to watch, read, play, try and learn

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