From Bad Bunny to Lady Gaga, 6 artists who have gone on to the big screen and that you may not have known

It is not uncommon to see that great artists who are dedicated to music end up appearing in famous movies of extras or secondary characters. What surprises the public when they see that singers they follow, as is the case of Bad Bunny in narcsthey suddenly appear in the series they are starting to watch.

This is not an isolated case, since there are many who, after succeeding, take the opportunity to create a new parallel career and experience new fields. For example, in the case of Aitana, she herself explained that “I don’t want to do something just for being ‘Aitana the singer’”.

This happens to many of our favorite artists like Harry Styles, who also started small, going unnoticed in Dunkirk (although the fans did find him), right now he is starring in two premieres while he releases his third album.

But this is not all, now we are going to reveal those 6 artists who have an interpretive facet and maybe you didn’t know it. After reading this, you have to go find all the movies on digital platforms because you are going to love them.

bad bunny

The famous Puerto Rican reggaeton player has triumphed with his latest album, A summer without you breaking two records in terms of reproductions. Earning earlier hits in music with albums like Those Who Weren’t Going to Come Out or YHLQMDLG, it could be said that the bad rabbit has become a fundamental piece of our urban music industry.

For that reason, the singer has launched himself into the world of cinema to see if he is also a film artist. On previous occasions we have seen him in series such as narcs from Netflix playing ´El Kitty´one of the protagonists in the drug conflict in the 90s.

Bad Bunny at CinemaCon 2022 / Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Also in Fast & Furious 9 he is known for his role as a vigilante in the plot with Vin Diesel, what is said was only a cameo, in addition to being part of the musical production.

The most recent news we have about the artist is that will participate in the spin-off of Spiderman together with Sony and Marvel, giving life to the character of “The dead”, the villain of the film and of whom the artist is very proud, “This movie is going to be epic. I still can not believe it. I am very proud because my work has given me the opportunity to be the first Latino hero to star in a movie. Viewers are going to be proud of my work.”


The Spanish singer who went through Operación Triunfo is also launched on the big screen. after throwing Carhis last solo song, or The Song I Didn’t Want to Sing to You Along with Amaia, the third studio album that the artist was going to release was already expected. It was a fact, since she had advanced Formentera Y berlinwhich belonged to this disk that appeared after 11 reasons.

Now, and with a new life as an actress, everyone wonders what’s going to happen to that mysterious album he was going to release. But the most heard news in recent days is the premiere of her latest film, in which she will star alongside Fernando Guallar. The first images of the shooting have already been seen, but everything remains very mysterious until the trailer is released and we can see the singer in front of the cameras.

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Aitana in her new movie / Netflix

Not only will he have a role in the movie Netflixbut has also been working together with his partner, Michael Bernardeau, in Disney+ To trow The lasta Serie of the new platform Y who just finished filming. We already knew the singer in the film Beyond the Moonbut only with his facet as a singer, since only participated in the soundtrack.

Harry Styles

The former member of One Direction has already made his way to the big screen with Dunkirk in 2017, after making it big with his old band. On the musical level, he published the album fineline in 2019 and will now release Harry’s Houseof which previously unknown details have been leaked, earning a name within the music industry.

In the world of interpretation has two projects underway, Don’t Worry Darling and My Policemana film that Harry Styles himself has said is better “don’t see her with parents”referring to the sex scenes that will appear in it.

1652611212 13 From Bad Bunny to Lady Gaga 6 artists who have

Harry Styles at the Dunkirk premiere / Jim Spellman/WireImage

I already told how it is to record that kind of scenes in a place with so many people around, “We were very lucky to have a relationship of trust with the people we were working with and that always went ahead. Everything was talked about and everything was fine, above the shooting and above the camera, you and I met and we trusted each other and we could stop whenever we wanted. At the moment we know that facet of actor that he has achieved and that has us like crazy to see their two new releases.


The Colombian artist is already one of the most recognized singers within the urban genre. Within the cinematographic world, he began by taking out his autobiographical documentary, Maluma: what I was, what I am and what I will bein which he told his journey from its beginnings to what it could become in the future.

He also participated in a movie with Jennifer Lopez, marry meas one of the leading actors in this film about two artists who are about to get married. They show the dark side of fame and the parallels with real life (since it is said to be based on the love affairs of Jennifer Lopez), but always respecting the classics. The appearance of Maluma It is not simply that of acting, since on several occasions the artist delights his audience with several solo songs and a ballad that make a perfect blend of its two facets.

1652611212 833 From Bad Bunny to Lady Gaga 6 artists who have

Maluma at the premiere of Marry Me / Rich Fury/WireImage

Lady Gaga

The American artist can not only be called a singer, since she is also a designer, actress, composer, producer, dancer and activist, in other words, a complete cocktail full of talent. She has 6 albums published, the last one is Chromaticawhich was released in 2020.

now throw Love Me Handan emotional ballad for ´Top Gun: Maverick´ and announce their next tour, which he was unable to do in 2020 due to the pandemic. He has already revealed several dates but Spain is not among them.

As for her facet in cinemas, Lady Gaga has participated in different films recognized as The House of Gucci or Bullet Train that will see the light this 2022. But the most emotional and the most successful is A star has been born alongside Bradley Cooper in 2018, a film that shows the other side of fame among singers, its good side but also the side that forces you to do crazy things. In it appears one of the songs that was a success when the film was released, shallowfor which they won a Oscar for Best Original Song and that To this day it continues to sound among the public.

1652611212 664 From Bad Bunny to Lady Gaga 6 artists who have

Lady Gaga at the Oscars / Getty Images

Justin Timberlake

The American artist, after leaving N SYNC, managed to build a solo career and succeed with songs like Don’t Stop the Feeling or Sexy Back. Always with that good vibe that the dancer gives off and that helps us smile and move to the rhythm of his music.

But also in the cinemas it has participated and triumphed Justin several examples are In Time, Max Bet or Palmer, his latest film success. And not only this, but he has also participated (although only his voice was heard) in the cast of Shrek and Trollsthe animated films in which the singer gave voice to the characters.

These are just some of the many artists who show us that They not only succeed in the world of music, but also on the big screen. Although in some cases we are missing the premieres of their films, such as Aitana either bad bunnywe trust that they will know how to defend themselves as they do on stage.

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From Bad Bunny to Lady Gaga, 6 artists who have gone on to the big screen and that you may not have known

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