Frank Ocean gives details on his next album – Les Inrocks

“Detroit, Chicago, techno, house, French electro”: Frank Ocean talks about an upcoming album in a long interview with the magazine W.

Three years later Blonde hair, is his successor about to land? This is what Frank Ocean suggests in a great magazine interview W made in New York, where the artist from New Orleans currently lives and ” works to complete four lengths underwater in the pool”. Because, as the saying goes Mens sana in corpore sanoOcean needs to be physically stimulated: “ Doing four lengths underwater is difficult. You feel like you are going to die. I do something every day just to rebel against that non-verbal part of my personality that leaves me unproductive. Whether it’s a cold shower or a physical challenge, it allows me to activate the other part of myself that wants to be productive and see things done. It allows me every day to prepare for what happens when I leave my house. »

But his mind remains entirely dedicated to music, and more precisely to electronics: ” I’m interested in clubs, and different iterations of nightlife in music and tracks. And so the things I’m looking at right now relate to those scenes: Detroit, Chicago, techno, house, French electro.

Frank Ocean could embody persona

His next album might not be as autobiographical as Blonde hair he implies in a relatively cryptic way: I believed for a long time that there was strength in vulnerability and I no longer believe in it at all. “Strength” and “vulnerability” sound like opposites. And so combining them seems wise, but I don’t know if it is. I was struck by this: “Oh, ok, you have to make the choice to be true or to be a liar. If I start telling a story and then decide not to tell it, I can stop. This is my story. The fact that an artist is expected to be vulnerable and tell the truth is a big weight you know – when it’s no longer a choice. To meet my own expectations, I need an outpouring of the heart or my experiences in a very real and vulnerable way. I’m more interested in lies now. Like, by a great fantasy movie. The project would not be so vague as that since Ocean also explains that he works with an instrumentalist specializing in strings, in Rio de Janeiro.

There the revelations about this future project end since, as he explains, Ocean does not like to confide before anything is finished: “ When I worked on my first project, Nostalgia, Ultra, I didn’t tell almost anyone. Even the people I was working with at the time didn’t know about it. There’s something that happens when you explain what you’re doing before it’s done, and most of the time it’s not positive. You become responsible for this version that you have given while it can still change. It’s much better for me to do what I’m doing, release it or not, and then talk about it freely. That’s what I’ve been doing since the start. I never had media training (preparation to respond to media interviews, Editor’s note), as you can imagine. »

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Frank Ocean gives details on his next album – Les Inrocks

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