For singer Charlie Puth, a “comeback” by the TikTok box

How to pronounce Charlie Puth in English? Our forked tongue, bordering on gravelly. Behind his screen, the person takes us back, giggling. Rectify, the singer knows how to do. By his own admission, this is the central theme of his third album, charlieavailable since October 7: I became a better version of myself making this recordsays the American by videoconference, from his recording studio in Los Angeles (California). It’s an ode to self-correction. »

“Charlie” is the record of a ghost steeped in good intentions

In this, charlie resonates with the spirit of the times. See the latest productions from pop stars Kanye West and Beyoncé, donda (2021) and Renaissance (2022), whose digital versions were amended immediately after their release, following the indignation aroused by this or that breach of good morals. See, likewise, the music site Pitchfork Media, which in October 2021 changed the ratings assigned by its critics to nineteen records released between 2000 and 2020, re-evaluated or devalued over the years. See, similarly, the string of filters to alter voices, faces or silhouettes, promoted by the international stardom. See, again, the re-recording by Taylor Swift, started in April 2021, of the six albums she had published between 2006 and 2017, for economic, aesthetic or moral reasons. If any ideological breakthrough comes from a technological advance, would “political correctness” have found its strong arm in digital technology?

In this regard, the Puth case is eloquent. charlie is the record of a ghost steeped in good intentions, correcting the situation after having been lost for a long time for the pop cause. The guy burst into the spotlight in 2015 with the ballad See You Again, alongside rapper Wiz Khalifa. Tasteless, the piece nevertheless exceeds five billion views on YouTube, through the cinematographic saga Fast and Furious, of which he illustrates the seventh part. The accidental death of one of the stars of the franchise, Paul Walker, in 2013, has just moved the planet; See You Again will be for millennials what was Candle in the Wind during the death of Lady Di, a kind of funeral hit smelling insidiously of the fir tree.

Desert crossing

Because there are more nimble ways to start than with one foot in the grave, and Charlie Puth will experience some difficulty in recovering from it – just as Elton John once took time to recover after his princely prayer. ” I do not know Fast and Furious before See You Again, insists the singer, dressed in a T-shirt to the glory of a gleaming brand of two-wheelers. But I know what it’s like to lose someone dear”he adds in reference to the one for which was originally composed See You Againa college friend who died in 2012 in a motorcycle accident.

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For singer Charlie Puth, a “comeback” by the TikTok box

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