Football: from Lioujas to Comtal, Marie-Laure Pradalier, eternal fighter

President of the Lioujas women’s club during her golden age, Marie-Laure Bou, who later became Pradalier, is now involved in the Comtal club, in which she is a player after having taken part in its creation.

Daughter of a former footballer from the Gages club and one of the pioneers of women’s football in Aveyron under the cape of the Lioujas club, Marie-Laure Bou, wife Pradalier, can justify genetic criteria to explain her passion for football. She got involved in the wake of her mother, Nicole Bou, and her fervor never stopped growing to the point of gradually getting involved in the administrative management of the Lioujas Women’s Football Club, which had become independent, and becoming its president. , in the 1990s.

At that time, the women’s flag-bearing team reached an unthinkable nirvana by reaching the national Division 2 after having collected departmental and regional titles and trophies. The reserve team took over to complete the glorious departmental and regional record for the competitions to which the elite team was no longer statutorily admitted.

Under the leadership of coaches with proven skills, Roger Vital, André Cabanes and Rodrigue Poaty, the “star generation” managed to ensure its maintenance in the antechamber of the elite for five consecutive seasons. Unbelievable for a municipality of 1,400 souls!

The sporting challenge had as its corollary the financial challenge to be assumed in order to constitute a budget at the essential level. Not a penny was paid to the talented and fervent holders of this team of the second national level. It was nevertheless necessary, and at least, to manage to finance collective travel by bus for the most distant meetings, some hotel accommodation and catering costs. These girls sacrificed their entire weekend for these performances outside, in addition to the weekly training sessions. They were then high school students, students or newly integrated into their professional curriculum, and had only a visceral passion to assume this demanding status of high-level players.

A multitasking leader

It is in this context that Marie-Laure Pradalier dared to take and assume the presidency. She revealed herself quickly and at the cost of an exemplary commitment, efficient for administrative tasks, management of finances, partnerships and relations with the media. His diplomatic virtues proved to be just as effective in galvanizing the troops, extinguishing the slightest spark and forcing the principles of solidarity and diligence for his management team and for all the players. She also succeeds in involving players and parents or friends of the club to initiate and supervise new forces and to constitute a large and omnipotent management team. This real and permanent challenge to the federal rank lasted five seasons thanks to a particularly posh group from which Sabrina Viguier, long holder in the France team, and Emilie Bouloc who could claim it came.

The mission of the young president was all the more meritorious as she personally only evolved in a reserve team while assuming her training as a nurse. Marie-Laure Pradalier then had to admit the slow erosion of the modest women’s club of Lioujas in favor in particular of the neighboring Ruthenian, which had greater potential and scope to attract the best players, the best referenced managers and provide structures in line with the start of the professionalization of women’s football.

Always involved

His involvement, however, is not extinguished. The leader, who had initially worked for the reunification of the Lioujas club, also participated in the democratically validated merger with the neighbors of Sébazac under the entity of Comtal football club, in 2021. It is true that the implementation sleep became inevitable for the Lioujac club… The valiant forties remains an assiduous player in the reserve team of this new Unionist club, despite the heavy professional constraints of her job as a nurse in the emergency department of the Rodez hospital and her enlistment volunteer with the Villecomtal fire station.

She does not neglect the follow-up of her son’s career with the Espalion rugby club and of her daughter, who is passionate about horse riding. Like father, like son…

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Football: from Lioujas to Comtal, Marie-Laure Pradalier, eternal fighter

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