Focus on the trends of the What for collection for women

The What for brand in a nutshell

What for is a Parisian shoe brand whose entire collection is designed in the studios at 38, rue Mont Thabor. The What For shoes for women Want to be trendy and modern while being comfortable. The collections are also designed to satisfy all tastes. The What for woman generally appreciates originality, which she displays by wearing strong and colorful pieces. Her goal: to be a woman at the forefront of the trend. Of course, some shoes from the What for brand are also timeless to help you create a classic or casual look. The Summer on the moon collection has been designed so that you have a pair of shoes suitable for every occasion. It is also known that pairs of shoes are never too many.

What are the specificities of the Summer on the moon collection?

Summer on the moon is the special summer 2022 collection. The key words for this collection are “it’s high time to celebrate”. It thus brings together shoes in the essential colors of this year. These pairs are ideal for different celebrations, whether it’s a romantic date, a wedding or simply a reunion with friends. You’ll find great pairs in lilac, lime green, peach, and more. For the festive side, impossible to do without gold & silver or rose gold. As for the heels, the mirror model is there.

What are the must-have pieces from the Summer on the moon collection?

The Summer on the moon collection brings together different models that can accompany you throughout the summer. Heeled sandals, flat sandals or mules, there is something for everyone and for every occasion.

Silver Dabi mules

The Dabi mule is a timeless piece that you absolutely must have in your shoesing. With flat heels and square toes, it can be worn daily to go to the beach or to the market. The slingback strap closure makes this a comfortable and easy to wear pair of sandals. It is ideally associated with a casual or glamorous outfit knowing that the soft bow on the front brings the touch of elegance that can dress your feet. If silver is the key color of the moment, you can also get this pair in gold or black.

The bronze adora

Fashionistas who appreciate comfort will undoubtedly be seduced by the adora model. Indeed, these pairs are designed in mesh to give you a feeling of lightness. To guarantee its durability, however, it is advisable to waterproof your new pair of sandals before use. High and with a square toe, these sandals can be worn every day to create a trendy look. Bronze also goes well with almost all colors. Otherwise, you can also opt for a silver pair.

Kaipo mules

Thanks to the combination of leather and raffia, Kaipo mules are the summer shoes par excellence. They are ideal for your walks on the beach or for your moments of relaxation by the swimming pool. With their 7 cm heels and python-embossed finish, this pair will give you a glamorous chic look. Another of its strengths is the fact that it goes with all styles of clothing. You can wear it with a dress or a long skirt for a bohemian touch or with shorts for a rather timeless style.

The Cayo model

Cayo sandals can be worn day or night all summer long. Take these sandals out for your outings with friends or family brunches. This tricolor pair with multiple straps is ideal to brighten up your outfit. These sandals are notably available in lilac, nude and white or in peach, lemon and white. However, you can get a plain pair in gold, white, black, etc. With its 6 cm heels, it remains comfortable while enhancing your silhouette. It is thus your ally if you want to adopt a sexy look while remaining elegant.

The Sulek pair

The Summer on the moon collection also includes some classic and timeless pairs, such as the Sulek heeled sandals. This model is ideal for finalizing a chic and conventional outfit, especially for a day at work or a business meeting. These sandals with 6 cm heels will give you the look of a businesswoman. To brighten up summer days, however, you can bet on a pair in sparkling colors. A pair in rose gold, silver or gold is ideal for brightening up an outfit while remaining sober.

Daimon mules

The Daimon mules are the heeled version of the Dabi mules. This pair with spool heels and square toes adorned with bows embodies femininity. It can become your seduction ally, just as it can be worn for a simple outing between girls. This pair was designed to slim your figure, while remaining comfortable so you can wear it all day long. Like most models in the Summer on the moon collection, it is available in several colors, including silver, gold, camel and black.

Deven sandals

The Deven sandal is one of the comfortable yet original pairs in the collection. It has flanges and notched soles. It is ideal to complete a casual look that you can sport at the beach or in the city during your shopping. Indeed, its 3.5 cm platform is designed to offer you unparalleled comfort. Something to relieve your feet and rest your legs after a night out. This flagship model is offered in anise green, although you can opt for a pair in black.

In addition to these models, the Summer on the moon collection has other pairs as glamorous and chic as each other, suitable for all styles. The entire collection is also available online. All you have to do is take a look to find your summer pair.

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Focus on the trends of the What for collection for women

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