Focus on the career records of Boney M.

Fanfare beginnings

Begun at the end of 1974, the Boney M. adventure could never have existed. Indeed, the group is basically the fact of one man, the German producer-singer-composer Frank Farian. The latter recorded in December of this year the Euro disco title “Baby Do You Wanna Bump” which was a success in Belgium and the Netherlands. Preferring the studio to the stage and TV sets, Frank Farian, who does several types of voice on the track, decides to hire several musicians (singers, chorister and dancer) to create the illusion of a group. While the trickery could have ruined everything, the combination of Frank Farian’s disco music and the dynamism of the Jamaican-Caribbean members of Boney M. during their appearances, hits the mark right away. In 1976, the group’s debut album “Take the Heat off Me” was packed with hits. In addition to the inaugural “Baby Do You Wanna Bump”, the opus includes the international hits “Daddy Cool” and “Sunny”, and ranks No. 1 in Finland and Sweden. The single “Daddy Cool” even reached No. 1 in 8 countries, including France, and launched the group’s record career.

Over 100 million records sold

With their other hits “Ma Baker” (1977), “Rivers of Babylon” (1978), “Rasputin” (1978) or even “Painter Man” (1979), Boney M. signs his 5 greatest songs in the 70s If then the group’s sales are mainly in Germany, England and a little in France where the medley Megamix ranks No. 1 in 1988, the group presents career sales records, estimated at more than 100 million by Frank Farian (50 million singles and 60 million albums). Between 1975 and 1986, eleven years which correspond to their only great period of activity having grouped together their 8 studio albums, Boney M. will record no less than 42 gold discs, 50 platinum discs and 50 certified diamond discs. An impressive record.

A record over time in Germany, on a track in the UK

Birthplace of Frank Farian, Germany and its many Euro disco lovers have always remained faithful to Boney M. After “Baby Do You Wanna Bump”, 7 of the band’s next 8 singles all rank at the top German charts. Switched to Euro dance in the 90s, Germany will also be one of the only countries, with the United Kingdom, to regularly place the various dance remixes of the group’s hits in its top sales of the time. Twice number 1 best-selling single in the United Kingdom, Boney M. even set a record in 1978 with the British, thanks to the double-sided single “Rivers of Babylon” / “Brown Girl in the Ring”. First carried by the international success of “Rivers of Babylon”, the single then took advantage of the abundant radio airplay of “Brown Girl in the Ring” to remain in the local Top 40 for 6 months (including 19 weeks in the Top 10). , and ranked 2nd best selling single in history at the time of its release. Even today, this 45 rpm remains one of the only 7 singles to have exceeded 2 million records sold in the United Kingdom.

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Focus on the career records of Boney M.

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