Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers reveals that he wants to come to Uruguay and revolutionizes Twitter

If by chance you entered Twitter in the last few hours, you will have noticed that Uruguay has become a topic of international conversation on that social network. That happened after fleethe bassist of the legendary rock band Red Hot Chilli Pepperswrote on their social networks that they would like to come and practice surfing on the coast of the country.

The 59-year-old bassist (he turns 60 on October 16) asked on his Twitter account: “Is there surf near Montevideo? I’ve been wanting to go there for so long. I have met many friendly Uruguayans along the way.”

User responses were immediate, and among the hundreds of comments was even that of the president of Sodre, Adele Dubrawho replied in the same way: “Yes! Punta del Este and also in Rocha. It’s a two-hour drive. Come soon! Good compliment, in fact, our country has a lot of ‘kindness’.”

There were no jokes or references to the president Luis Lacalle Pou, a confessed lover of surfing. And even the surfer Lucas Madrid reacted and invited him to see the Uruguayan waves.

Although the musician oriented his question to his personal desires and his taste for surfing, there was no shortage of users who were enthusiastic about a possible Red Hot Chili Peppers show in Uruguay. At the moment, the tour reaches Oceania and the dates in South America have not been announced.

But the RHCP are in a great moment to visit these lands for the first time. After the return of guttarrisa John Frusciante to their ranks, this year they received two MTV awards for best rock band and best video for “Black Summer”, and in days they will release their second album of the year: Return of the Dream Canteen.

the history

The start of a viral chat

The whole conversation that Uruguay had in the middle began when Flea answered a question about the NBA season. To his comment, the Uruguayan tweeter Freaky Styley (like one of the albums of the Californian band) asked him if he knew Uruguay, and pointed to the country on a map.

It was then that the musician asked if there was surfing near Montevideo, turning the country into a topic of conversation.

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Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers reveals that he wants to come to Uruguay and revolutionizes Twitter

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