Five recent songs that have turned spite into the new ballad of heartbreak (to listen to after Shakira’s)

From the Two-legged rat from Paquita la del Barrio to death in the amusement park of Los Planetas and going through Forget me and turn around of Pimpernel or That man by Rocío Jurado, the heartbreak song full of spite, rancor and pain has always existed. Either less or more explicit, as is the case with Shakira’s session with Bizarrap.

However, in the last ten years, this genre of lyrics has been gaining more and more strength to the detriment of the great ballads of classic heartbreak. Although they continue to be composed (serve as an example the hit of Joji from last summer with Glimpse of Us), it seems that gloating is no longer in order in that stage of grief in which you drag yourself drunk texting to your ex and cry while gorging yourself with ice cream. Now what connects with the public is anger, publicly reading the primer to the person who broke your heart and not hiding.

Miley Cyrus and Flowers

Just one day after Shakira’s carnage, Miley Cyrus ‘has published a song that is going to ruin her birthday for Liam Hemsworth. Above all, it stings a verse that is a direct response to When I Was Your Manby Bruno Mars, a song that her ex-husband dedicated to the actress and singer in the past.

billie eilish and Happier Than Ever

dedicated to his ex Brandon Quentinwith whom he had a toxic relationship that dotted many of the songs on the singer’s second album, was in Happier Than Ever where he felt comfortable and released all the anger and bitterness in a cathartic way. Or is there something crueler than telling someone you’ve never been happier than when they’re not there?

Olivia Rodrigo and Good 4 U

More than a song, Olivia Rodrigo dedicated her entire debut album to Joshua Bassetther partner in High School Musical, who left her for the also actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter. However, de Sour may be in Good 4 U where Rodrigo takes all the irony out of him to attack his ex. He even literally calls him a “sociopath”!

Ed Sheeran and no

no It is one of those songs that hide a good sauce. is dedicated to ellie goulding who fooled the redhead with Niall Horan, who in addition to being a One Direction was a friend of Sheeran. If all this was not enough, it is that they did it in the same hotel where he was staying while he was in the bar.

Taylor Swift and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Although Taylor Swift has emerged in the last decade as the queen of oversharing In her songs, she is famous for not leaving a puppet with a head. Uncle who misbehaves with her, her uncle who pays her musically. The truth is that no one knows how to monetize a breakup of hers like her, although of all her exes, it is Jake Gyllenhaal The most hated. In addition to the age difference between the two, she lost her virginity to him and then stood her up on her birthday and cut off the relationship by message. Normal for her to dedicate We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, State of Grace, All Too Well, girl at home Y The Moment I Knew.

Justin Bieber and Love Yourself

Justin Bieber got together with Ed Sheeran to compose this great acoustic song that, although it has never been confirmed by the Canadian, is believed to be dedicated to Selena Gomez. Hard when she sings: “my mother didn’t like you and she likes everyone”.

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Five recent songs that have turned spite into the new ballad of heartbreak (to listen to after Shakira’s)

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