Fito & Fitipaldis distribute happiness to 15,000 people in a superb concert in Madrid

Fito Cabrales recklessly throws his white Fender Stratocaster guitar into the air. A technician ties her on the fly in a corner of the stage. No instruments are needed in this final stretch of the concert. He shouldn’t even sing Bilbao. The whole venue does it for him, singing: “After a bad winter. / A bad spring. / Tell me why you are looking for a tear in the sand”. A mother hugs her 12-year-old son; two old rockers wave their tattooed arms; some girls record themselves on video. Some have tears in their eyes. The song, sailor soldier, continues, only chanted by the public: “He walks slowly because rushing is not good. / On his arm carefully folded jacket ”. The musicians admire the show from the stage.

How the people had it at the concert last night. It was not a mass bath, because that term attributed to the stars does not go with a simple and close Fito Cabrales. Better to describe what happened as the mass was covered in happiness. Fito’s music managed to get many to consume that pasty concoction called calimocho. There are no tricks or trifles in the Fito & Fitipaldis recitals: they are five guys trained to offer rock and roll. They could be in a bar playing for 100 people. I wouldn’t change a chord about what happened yesterday, before a packed WiZink Center in Madrid with 15,000 people, a pavilion that experienced another fantastic night (like a week ago with Siniestro Total) in concerts that have a lot of catharsis and release. “Thank you very much for waiting for us,” greeted Cabrales with a phrase that already said it all. The wait after two years.

The Bilbao native is coming to sweep the first days of his tour: 20,000 spectators attended the event in A Coruña, 15,000 in Gijón, 12,000 in Pamplona, ​​15,000 in Valencia, and so on… The four dates of Madrid (last night, this Saturday and on July 1 and 2) will add 50,000 people, the same as on June 11 at the San Mamés stadium. Crazy figures that no Spanish band (perhaps Vetusta Morla?) is capable of reaping. Because Fito Cabrales goes beyond his songs, which, by the way, are very good. He represents the triumph of the man of the people: a bartender who has established himself as a rock star who busts wards. With his cap, his ear rings, his goatee and his small stature, a street guy who has made it to the top. All of this is transmitted from the stage and reaches an audience that clings to his authenticity, a quality that all the gold in the world cannot buy.

The first rows at one point in the recital. Claudia Alvarez

Before a dedicated audience, the show started with a nice animated sequence on a giant screen. Some musicians arrive at a bar, see the corpse of a cartoon that simulates Fito, pick it up and bring it to life by an electrical method where the singer’s mythical cap is the key. The musicians enter then and attack at point blank range, one of the best songs from their latest albumevery time corpse. From that moment they wait two and a half hours with 22 songs, some already classics of Spanish pop-rock: The fish lives by the mouth, cheap whisky, The house by the roof either Before I count to ten. They are those perfect trotting songs to balance the body and slightly move the legs. Before we said that they came from the Dire Straits mould; today we sentence that they are pure Fito. That’s how classic Cabrales is already. “The truth is that I don’t want to talk much because I start to cry, I swear. But I’ll tell you that we’re going to have a hell of a time”, commented the protagonist at the beginning of a concert with excellent sound. Last night it was shown that when that sounds like lightning it is not the fault of the venue, often criticized for supposedly poor acoustics. It consists, rather, in the good manners of the sound team, the technicians and the expertise of the musicians. All of that worked perfectly last night.

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


Carlos Raya on guitar, fundamental member of the Fitipaldis, last night at the WiZink.
Carlos Raya on guitar, fundamental member of the Fitipaldis, last night at the WiZink. Claudia Alvarez

The scenery was convincing despite its simplicity. Two screens on the sides that projected the details that occurred on stage, and above a larger one that sometimes lit up with the letters “Fito & Fitipaldis” and others projected images inspired by the songs or of the members of the band in action. . During the night two versions sounded. one was between two seas, of the former group of Fito, Platero and You, very celebrated. She started singing it at one end of the stage and then ran around and got on the other. The lyrics define much of the philosophy of this musician. First, despising the one above: “I cannot conceive that you are such an idiot. / The triumph of power is always a defeat”. And then portraying his position as a romantic rocker: “Lost between two seas without wind, without a flag. / I don’t want shop windows: I want my whole life. / I am a wandering jester looking for a princess.” The other version was all a hundred, of the always vindicatable The Mechanical Goat. Fito transformed her into a rocknroll house brand. I want to scream, from their last album, it was the funky moment of the night, with all the members of Morgan (the opening act) accompanying the protagonists. Nine musicians hitting black rhythms hard and improvising with, for example, Blame It On the Boogie, by The Jacksons.

It was half an hour past midnight when the show ended with I have just arrived. At the moment of the final greetings, Fito, overwhelmed by seeing the crowd applauding furiously, got down on his knees, took off his cap showing his bald head and looked at the ceiling, as if searching for a divine halo that would help him understand that. The people increased his fervor and fired him shouting: “Fito, Fito, Fito”.

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Fito & Fitipaldis distribute happiness to 15,000 people in a superb concert in Madrid

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