Fito edits an exciting video of his concert in San Mamés

After a refreshing break in the summer and after concluding his tour Ever Corpse Tour With the assistance of almost 350,000 people, Fito and his Fitipaldis will return to the road next week with a shorter and “intimate” tour of theaters and auditoriums which will stop in Bilbao with four concerts at the end of December and beginning of January, and the rest of the capitals in Hegoalde. As an appetizer, the Bilbao rocker has just published a new singleif you see me like this, you’ve crowned with images of your party in San Mames.

Fito, that guy that many see as an extraordinary being and a super hero while he claims to be someone “of the most common” in a recent song, to the rhythm of blues, hit the road again next week with new concerts and his label, Warner, publishes a new single taken from his latest and successful album, every time corpseas an appetizer and support of their concerts.

The chosen song is if you see me like thiswhich starts slowly and ends up taking on the bouncy and contagious rhythm of its mid-tempo. “That’s my place, I’m happy there,” Fito sings in the song. and although the lyrics allude to the bars where it startedserves as a reflection of his status in concerts and tours, especially the most recent exciting one, which culminated in the concert he offered in San Mamés, on June 11, with all the tickets sold and its broadcast open and in direct online, what fIt was followed by more than a million people.

The storm that unleashed in the Athletic stadium–““I’m not a football fan, but the team represents the city very well and is part of the landscape of our lives”, he defends”– can be enjoyed in the successful video that accompanies his latest single , which serves as a document of his time in San Mamés, where he thrashed in his land, in his city, where he whispered “mamma mia”. This is how DEIA titled his interview when he saw the delivery of the stands and the flow of overflowing emotions that were unleashed on the night of June 11.

These images now collected on video are the palpable proof of Fito’s explosion of camaraderie with his listeners and his Fitipaldis, of music understood as delivery and outstretched hand, of smiles hanging from the mast of the guitar of maestro Carlos Raya and the exuberant saxophone of Javi Alzola, of races across the stage and guitars that trigger riffs for a massive choir to sing “and sometimes sail and sometimes shipwreck, but always stay afloat”. Fito’s story… and that of hundreds of thousands of his followers who are reflected in that guy with a goatee and a cap that they see as a colleague although it fills stadiums and accumulates Gold Records.

“Everything became so big and I am so small”, sang humble Fito in at point blank range, before an intergenerational public –and increasingly younger– enthused before entering the stadium where he made history and who are as protagonist as the musician. And in that sound and moving photograph we see the Bilbao rocker on his knees, beating his heart, smiling stupefied before the screaming audience and responding with a gesture of disbelief before some choruses chanted by children and the elderly, who come and go up and down the stage … because they belong to everyone.



This was the Fito concert in San Mamés

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The Biscayan musician, who in the last images of the video, now without music, shows a almost overwhelming emotion and close to tears, he set up a rock party in San Mamés, a liturgical ceremony of guitars and shared verses crowned with confetti. And that emotion will sprout again in his next tour of theaters and auditoriums, which is announced as “more intimate” and which will start in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), on October 14 and will include 41 new concerts.

Because “nothing ends, it just starts again”, and he is still ready “to die singing”. And I’m sure he’ll work his ass off when he meets his people again in Bilbao, at the Euskalduna Palace, on December 29 and 30, and January 5 and 6 next year. Don’t even try it anymore, there isn’t a ticket left for sale. The tour will stop on November 18 and 19 at the Kursaal in San Sebastian (sold out); on December 16 and 17 at the Baluarte de Iruñea (available only for the first day), and on March 4, 2023 at the Teatro Principal de Gasteiz, also with full capacity.

In addition, on November 17, Fito will find out if at the XXIII award ceremony for the Latin Grammy Awards, to be held at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, will win the award for best rock album created between June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022. This is the first nomination of his long career, which He started at the helm of Platero y Tú, and has achieved it with Every time cadaver, an album that he released in September 2021, already exceeds 40,000 copies sold and has managed to become a Platinum Disc.

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Fito edits an exciting video of his concert in San Mamés

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