First assessment Parcoursup: License, BTS, BUT… the choices of candidates in 2022

While the establishments process the application files of their future students, before sending them admission proposals from June 2, the Ministry of National Education communicated in a note the main figures for this 2022 session.

936,000 candidates

Among the 936,000 candidates who confirmed at least 1 wish, 627,000 senior high school students were educated in France, a figure slightly down, linked to the drop in files from professional high school students. The average of wishes or sub-wishes per candidate, 12.9, remains at the same level as in 2021, with large disparities depending on the series: the seniors of the general series recording twice as many wishes as the high school students of the series professional (nearly 15 wishes in the general series against a little more than 7 in the professional series). In total, 96.7% of candidates who opened a file on Parcoursup confirmed at least one wish – the 3.3% who did not confirm a wish were most often candidates who decided to integrate training outside – Parcoursup – or great distractions.

License and BTS masters of the game

At the top of the ranking of the most requested training, licenses and BTS reign supreme, year after year. Thus, all series combined, 31% recorded wishes are a license, 28% a BTS, 11% a GOAL. But each series has its preferred training: the general series favor licenses (45% of their wishes), while the technological and professional series choose BTS as a priority (47% of the wishes for students in technological series and 75% for students professional series). Note: the share of BUT, the new university technology bachelors, born from the merger of the DUTs and the professional licenses that succeeded them, has increased among future technology bachelors, where it reaches 19%. No doubt the reflection of the selection policy of the establishments that offer them, which have been set minimum quotas of technological baccalaureate holders to be accommodated in their training.

List of applications via Parcoursup in 2022 – Choice of training courses for candidates, according to the series of terminale (in %)

Note: the number of wishes per candidate is limited to 10 but excluding work-study training – an exception to develop learning.

Caution is the mother of safety

The majority of candidates who filled out admission application files on Parcoursup in 2022 seem to have integrated the rule of not putting “all your eggs in one basket”: thus 56% of candidates who apply for licenses also asked for other types of training, BTS, BUT or other. register 3 different, or more, a figure that climbs to 70% for BTS requests. Similarly, among candidates who have applied for a LAS, a PASS, a BUT, a CPGE, an engineering or business school, only less than 2 to 1% decide not to do a “plan B” outside their preferred type of training – an always risky choice, especially when the preferred wish is a training which selects its future students harshly.

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First assessment Parcoursup: License, BTS, BUT… the choices of candidates in 2022

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