FIFA 23: a big update with many new features!

On the FIFA 23 video game, expect a very big update with many new features! We tell you everything in this article!

Weeks after the launch of the FIFA 23 game, which has been available since September 30, players have discovered a big update with many new features! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Changes to FIFA 23

FIFA 23 fans were eagerly awaiting its release. They were able to discover new features, such as the career mode or the FUT mode. Stars now replace green, orange, and red links.

Moreover ! The credits no longer exist! We can earn them performing challenges during matches. Let’s not forget the pro club mode which is also changing since it merged with Volta.

These updates are very fast because they are patchless. Regarding the main gameplay changes, there are has for example the behavior of the guards.

As you have noticed, their reactions are much faster, which makes them more real. It is the same for the improvement of the shots from afar, the aims and the short passes which see their speed increased.

So many elements that give a little more impact to the fast game. And that’s not all ! Thanks to the update, tackles and many other transition animations are better.

Same for hard workwhich consists of erasing errors and bugs. In the fixes for Fifa 23, there are also FUT, Career and Club Pro X Volta modes.

New features that get players talking

Finally to finish, FIFA 23 now offers to evolve in a championship with women. A great advancement that does a lot of good! The D1 Arkema and the English women’s championship finally land on FIFA 23. What wonderful news!

You will therefore be able to play for an entire season with the teams of Wendy Renard or Eugénie Le Sommer. A real happiness! And other good news for Stromae fans, gamerss will be able to hear some of its sounds. Great !

If all these new features seem to be unanimous, there is still a negative point that makes FIFA 23 players talk. Internet users are more and more numerous talking about the anti-cheat system.

Indeed, EA Sports has implemented the EA Anti-Cheat software which makes it possible to avoid cheating in the video game. This new feature is therefore intended to protect FIFA 23 PC and console players.

Yes, but now, since this change, players then notice bugs, and a weakening of the performance of their support. Yet another major problem remains: that of the Heroes Pack bug.

This took place on October 8th. No choice, FIFA 23 has therefore offered FUT players to have a pack with a guaranteed and above all resalable “Hero” player.

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FIFA 23: a big update with many new features!

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