Fiestas de San Juan in Retiro: tournaments, chotis and performances by Tam Tam Go, Tennessee and Hermana Furia

On June 24, 25 and 26, the Retiro district celebrates its San Juan festivities. This year, the municipal board has prepared an extensive program of activities with concerts by groups as well known and established in the music scene as Tam Tam Go, Tennessee or the Return of the Decade, as well as parades, theater and children’s activities, tournaments sports, domino championship, workshops and much more.

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After the pandemic, the district thus recovers its neighborhood parties in whose organization the Retiro Norte Neighborhood Association has actively participated, as well as the groups that are members of the Dry Social Center. Throughout the weekend there will be various activities for the whole family such as batucadas, children’s performances, a domino championship in collaboration with the Pío Baroja Senior Center, sports tournaments at the Adelfas IDB (soccer and paddle tennis), as well as various workshops for children (face painting and bookmarks) and family audiences (urban gardening and chotis).

Friday June 24

Music will be one of the great protagonists of the festivities. The program will start on Friday 24 on the stage located at the confluence of Narváez and Doce de Octubre streets, with the proclamation of the festivities that will be attended by the Councilor for Retiro, Santiago Saura, and in which health professionals from the Health Center will participate. Ibiza as representatives of all health professionals in the district, who will be honored for their work during the pandemic, as well as the elders of the Ibiza neighborhood as every year.

main stage

  • 18.15 – Parade: Batucada That Understands
  • 20.00 – Proclamation of the festivities
  • 20.30 – Concert: Dead Angle
  • 21.30 – Concert: Tennessee, Lorca and Kike Ruiz
  • 23.45 – Orchestra: The return of the decade

Martin Luther King Park

  • 20.00 – Parade: Batucada Hakuna Ma Samba
  • 21.00 – Concert: Liquid Love
  • 22.30 – Concert: Sister Fury
  • 00.00 – Hafa Afrosweet

Saturday June 25

On Saturday the party will continue with the sounds of Tongo Banda, Tam Tam Go and Mario San Román and once again, the El Regreso de la Década orchestra will close the day. Children’s audiences can also enjoy their own music with the Cantamundos concert. The lyrical genre and classical music will have their space on Saturday and Sunday by the stable lyrical theater company Ferro Escénico, with a performance of The Nutcracker and a selection of zarzuela.

Main stage, Narváez street

  • 12.00 – The Nutcracker of Ferro Scenic
  • 19.00 – Draw by AV Retiro Norte
  • 20.00 – Tongo Band
  • 21.15 – Concert: Tam Tam Go! and Mario San Roman
  • 23.30 – Ludosport Madrid: sports fencing with lightsaber
  • 00.00 – Orchestra: The return of the decade

Martin Luther King Park

  • 12.00 – Children’s performance: Tina Calcetina
  • 13.00 – Acoustic concert: Ataca Paca
  • 18.00 – Craft Market
  • 21.00 – Performance: Airglamboys
  • 22.00 – Delivery of sports tournament trophies
  • 22.30 – Burnt
  • 23.00 – Performance: Airglamboys
  • 00.00 – DJ Boratur Mady

Sunday June 26

To end the San Juan festivities, the farewell will come with a series of performances and activities dedicated especially to the little ones, accompanied by concerts, workshops and a family meal for the whole family.

Main stage, Narváez street

  • 11.00 – Children’s performance Clown Wiki Triki
  • 12.15 – Concert: Zarzuela Ferro Scenic
  • 13.15 – Chottis workshop
  • 14.00 – Delivery of domino prizes

Martin Luther King Park

  • 12.00 – Children’s musical about diversity: Cantamundos
  • 14.00 – Popular food

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Fiestas de San Juan in Retiro: tournaments, chotis and performances by Tam Tam Go, Tennessee and Hermana Furia

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