FEUERSCHWANZ: from ABBA to AMON AMARTH on “Todsünden”, their new album

Todsünden: Feuerschwanz Disc
Todsünden: Feuerschwanz Disc

The album brings together the versions of his latest works and new songs

The Folk Rock-Metal group FEUERSCHWANZ prepare the successor “Memento Mori”Todsünden“, a new album that will be released on December 30, 2022 via Napalm Records. This work contains two new songs as well as numerous versions.

The singers Hauptmann and Hodi show in their new work various skills, from eighties falsettos to gutturals, passing through Rap in their version of Deichkind’s “Limit”. “Todsünden” includes songs like the classic “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” by ABBA and has collaborations with melissa bonnie (AD INFINITUM), SALTATIO MORTIS and Angus McSix.

Songs from “Todsünden”

  1. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (ABBA Cover)
  2. Twilight of the Thunder God (Amon Amarth Cover)
  3. The Bad Touch (Bloodhound Gang Cover)
  4. Limit (Deichkind Cover)
  5. Der Graf (Die Arzte Cover)
  6. Hier kommt Alex (Die Toten Hosen Cover)
  7. I See Fire (Ed Sheeran Cover)
  8. Square Hammer (Ghost Cover)
  9. Warriors of the World United (Manowar Cover)
  10. Dragostea Din Tei (O-Zone Cover)
  11. Amen & Attack (Powerwolf Cover)
  12. Engel (Rammstein Cover)
  13. Gott Mit Uns (Sabaton Cover)
  14. Ding (Seeed Cover)
  15. Blinding Lights (The Weeknd Cover)
  16. The Final Countdown (Europe Cover)

As Napalm Records indicates:

This exciting journey begins with a version of the Swedish pop legends ABBA. FEUERSCHWANZ offers its world famous song “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” a Folk-Rock vibe with a gloomy but still uplifting atmosphere that bursts into heavy riffs and drums. Another Rock song with legendary Pop overtones is “The Final Countdown” by EUROPEbut the album also features current songs like “Blinding Lights”, “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran and “Ding” by SEED with Melissa Bonny from AD INFINITUM.

Punk Rock songs like “The Bad Touch“of the glorious BLOODHOUND GANG or tracks by German bands like DIE TOTEN HOSEN’s “Hier kommt Alex” or DIE ÄRZTE’s “Der Graf” – a track that FEUERSCHWANZ honors with its own brand by telling ancient stories in its own fabulous way. A similar treatment receives “Engel” from German legends RAMMSTEINas FEUERSCHWANZ pick up the story and dress it up in their own spooky folk sound, while in their new version, the old European summer hit “Dragoesta Din Tei” launches the listener straight into a wild Viking party, unleashing medieval power. that will have them out of their seats in no time.

In honor of the Metal scene, FEUERSCHWANZ present their own version of “Twilight Of The Thunder God” by AMON AMARTHbut they put a new spin on it by turning it into a medieval anthem with 80s Rock vibes.

Other famous songs covered are “Square Hammer” by GHOSTPOWERWOLF’s “Amen and Attack” pumped with chorused violins, “Gott Mit Uns” by SABATONand the all-time classic “Warriors of the World” by MANOWARwhich they present together with the guests of honor Angus McSix, Saltatio Mortis and Melissa Bonny.

“Blinding Lights” by THE WEEKND according to FEUERSCHWANZ

The band has also released “Blinding Lights“, a version of THE WEEKND. Hodi comments on the track: “It’s a 2020 song, but with really heavy 80s vibes. And all of that, even though it was born in 1990! It’s a really cool song that we’ve brought to the medieval and metal world. Bon Jovi with bagpipes. I always think of a vampire singing about the sun when I hear this song. ‘I can’t sleep until he feels your touch.'”

The formation is made up of:

  • Johanna – violin, hurdy-gurdy
  • Hauptmann – vocals, guitar
  • Hodi – flutes, bagpipes, guitars, vocals
  • Hans – guitar
  • Jarne – bass
  • roll – battery
  • Musch Musch – dance and performance
  • Myu – dance and performance

More about FEUERSCHWANZ and “Todsünden” in the band’s facebook.

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FEUERSCHWANZ: from ABBA to AMON AMARTH on “Todsünden”, their new album

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