Festivals and plans to fly in a hot air balloon near CDMX

Teotihuacán, Tequisquiapan, León and Morelos are excellent options near CDMX to live the experience of flying in a hot air balloon.

There is no better way to watch the sunrise than in the sky, from a hot air balloon. And if we add to this the possibility of flying over natural areas or archaeological sites, listening to music and crowning the night with a light show, we have the perfect combination for a great weekend getaway. Near CDMX there are dozens of balloon ports to discover magical towns from above and fly in a hot air balloon. In addition, in November there will be 2 of the main festivals where there will also be concerts, camping and gastronomic areas.

León International Balloon Festival

Of November 18 to 21 of 2022, in the Leon Metropolitan Ecological ParkGuanajuato, the twentieth edition of the León International Balloon Festivalconsidered one of the 3 most important in the world in its field.

Every sunrise, 200 balloons and 30 special figures will take off, creating an impressive visual spectacle for the attendees. If you are one of the most adventurous, you can be one of the balloon crew. To do this, you must form a crew of at least 3 people. You and your friends will have the opportunity to accompany one of the pilots professionals who will participate in the event. The festival will bring together balloonists from 25 countries, such as the United States, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

In addition to flying over this impressive natural area, at night you can enjoy a light and music show. The tethered balloons will light up the sky while international bands and artists perform on stage. The lineup includes genres as varied as regional Mexican, reggaeton, rock and electronica. Edén Muñoz, Rockapango, Skalon, Farruko, Martin Farrix and Tiësto lead the line up. The cost of tickets starts at 635 pesos per day.

When: November 18 to 21

Where: León Metropolitan Ecological Park, in North Adolfo López Mateos Boulevard Extension. S/N, El Palote, 37130, Leon, Guanajuato

Cost: From 635 pesos per day

Fly in a hot air balloon near CDMX
Photo: León International Balloon Festival

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Morelos National Balloon Festival

The largest flower gardens in the world are located in Morelos and will host the 2022 National Balloon Festival. On November 5 and 6, the park Gardens of Mexicolocated in Tequesquitengojust a couple of hours from CDMX, you will see 50 hot air balloons fly that will adorn the sunrise.

In addition, there will be a camping, food trucks and recreational activities for all ages. At night there will be a light and balloon show, as well as concerts. The singer Manuel Turizo and the bands Matisse and 21st Floor They will take care of enlivening the environment.

For the event you can buy tickets that go from 495 to 995 pesos with access to the gardens. a pre-party and a after party at the end of the concert.

When: November 5 and 6

Where: Km 129 of the Mexico-Acapulco Highway at the height of Tequesquitengo

How many: From 495 pesos

Festivals and plans to fly in a hot air balloon
Photo: Margarito Pérez (Cuartoscuro)

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Teotihuacán, an option to fly in a hot air balloon near CDMX

Teotihuacan offers the perfect combination: visit the most iconic archaeological zone in the country and do it from above.

Saint Martin of the Pyramids Y San Juan Teotihuacan2 magical towns near the archaeological zone, have 18 airfields that offer shared trips from 1800 to 2500 pesos per person. There are also private flights that range from 3,000 to 3,750 pesos.

You can hire flights for couples, organize birthday celebrations and proposals, or even put together packages with transportation, accommodation and tours of the pyramids.

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Tequisqiapan: Magical town to fly in a balloon 3 hours from CDMX

Another magical town that you can visit in a balloon is Tequisquiapan. Located in Querétaro, 3 hours from the capital, it also has several aerodromes where you can make flights of between 45 and 60 minutes.

The Isaac Castro Sahade aerodrome de Tequisquiapan is located in San José de la Laja, just 40 minutes from Querétaro International Airport. At the end of your hot air balloon ride you can walk through the streets of the town and taste the cheeses and wines that have given him worldwide fame.

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Festivals and plans to fly in a hot air balloon near CDMX

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