Fary: “Music is what made me want to be an artist”

Posted Jan 13, 2023, 6:00 AM

In your show, you largely evoke the idea of ​​the couple. And it’s not always fun…

We can have the feeling that everything has already been said on the subject, at least in a humorous way. But the complexity was to succeed in entering into an intellectual debate on the very idea of ​​the deconstruction of the couple, of the analysis of the myth of love between a man and a woman, without going into things that were not very original, even old-fashioned. When I talk about my infidelity, it is also a real risk: that of losing the empathy that I have created with the public, of putting the spectators on their backs. It took me a long time to find the right formula.

Does literature inspire you in writing?

For this show, I bought a lot of books that I haven’t read much (laughs). I turned to “I love you, I’m wrong” by Esther Perel, “Fragments of a love speech” by Roland Barthes. “The Myth of Virility” by Olivia Gazalé is a book that took me a long time to read but which inspired me a lot. I also took an interest via a podcast in the relationship between Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, their vision of love beyond the norms of the time, what they say intellectually about belonging to the other, the proof of love, the demonstration.

You have released a first EP. Does music accompany you on a daily basis?

Music is what made me want to be an artist in the first place. I found my inspirations in Kery James, his speech motivated the scope of what I wanted to tell on stage. But also at Kanye West and the impact he may have had on the musical universe, beyond hip-hop. Scenically, it forged the place I wanted to occupy in stand-up and which follows me until now. I imagine my scenographies, my appearances, my marketing moves in parallel with what a musical artist would do, I put the same investment into them.

Fary is performing at the Théâtre de la Renaissance from January 27, 2022.

Fary is performing at the Théâtre de la Renaissance from January 27, 2022.Homayoun

Is the cinema a pleasure?

The cinema, that inspires me in the game. You can always be more precise in the characters that you play, the movements that you deliver. I remember a concert I saw at the We Love Green festival by musician C. Tangana and his way of filming himself on stage which looked like a short film. It gives me ideas for large rooms. On the fictional side, the proposals that are made to me do not interest me, I do not want to be confined to humorous roles. The only person I enjoy working with is Jean-Pascal Zadi.

A passion to deepen?

I have the soul of an entrepreneur, there are plenty of projects that I would like to set up. The opening of my comedy club, “Madame Sarfati”, was a first step in this environment. I would like it to become in the future a real cultural entity beyond stand-up. But it’s a bit complicated to be an artist and an entrepreneur. You have to compose between the two and you are not necessarily taken seriously.

Living in Paris, has it finally become a pleasure?

I’ve only liked Paris since I started going out at night. The intersecting social backgrounds, the different cultures, the system of living together which is astonishing: it is the mixture of the suburbs, of aesthetics, of multiculturalism. A nice mixtape.

There, right away, now, what would give you the most pleasure?

To be in Cape Verde, in the sun, alongside my father.

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Fary: “Music is what made me want to be an artist”

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