Fans disappointed that Taylor Swift did not release new albums this Friday (which she never announced)

Fans were convinced that Taylor Swift would release new music this Friday, despite the fact that the singer had not said anything about it. The theory has turned out to be false so far, although there are those who remain hopeful that something will happen tonight.

Taylor Swift He usually gives clues about his new musical releases in a very subtle way, leaving them hidden in posts on social networks or activities in which he participates.

However, this time it seems that fans saw clues where there were clues and have been disappointed.

In recent days, it has gone viral on social media. theory that Swift would publish his re-recorded versions of their albums Speak Now (2010) and 1989 (2014) this Friday.

Let’s remember that the artist is re-recording her first six studio albums, titling them “Taylor’s Version” (Taylor’s version), of which two have already come out: Fearless (Taylor’s Version), in April 2021; Y Net (Taylor’s Version), in November of the same year.

The theory that his next two albums would see the light this Friday gained so much strength that the news was even covered by international media, despite the fact that Swift never said anything about it.

However, the day has come and there has been no announcement so far, so unless something happens tonight, the popular theory has turned out to be false.

The Swifties (the singer’s fandom) have expressed their discontent on social networks like Twitter, although there are still those who hold out hope.

Why did fans think Taylor Swift would drop “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” and “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” this Friday?

There are many details, all very subtle, that led fans to create the failed theory that new Swift music would arrive on May 13.

A highlight was that the artist released on Friday, May 6, a second re-recorded song by 1989, This Love (Taylor’s Version)although it did so because it is part of the soundtrack of the new Amazon Prime Video youth series, The Summer I Turned Pretty.

This comes after last year revealed Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version).

This led many to think that the launch of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) would happen soon and they thought that an ideal date would be Friday, May 13: it is a week after This Love (Taylor’s Version)May being the fifth month of the year (1989 it was his fifth album) and being 13 his favorite number, as explained by the entertainment portal Just Jared.

Another clear sign was a few days ago, when published new products in its online store inspired by 1989 Y Speak Now.

Meanwhile, the American magazine Billboard he listed another series of very far-fetched little clues.

Several, for example, were born from an appearance by Taylor Swift on the American television show The Late Show With Stephen Colbertwhich was in April 2021.

There, Taylor created a presentation, in a comedic tone, to explain why his song hey stephen from Fearless (Taylor’s Version)the album he was promoting at the time, was not about the host of the show, Stephen Colbert.

In said sketch, there were many alleged signs that pointed to the launch of 1989: the artist mentions Colbert’s birthday, which is precisely May 13; she shows a false address, which includes the number 513; The cardboard includes a photograph (among many) of Stephen that was taken in 1989 and a seagull, a bird that appears on Swift’s sweatshirt on the cover of the mentioned album; and there are 8 hearts and 9 stars (89?).

Like these, there are many other signs that fans associated with the alleged announcement … but so far, Taylor continues without commenting on it.

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Fans disappointed that Taylor Swift did not release new albums this Friday (which she never announced)

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