Fan Caught Head Lice at Justin Bieber Concert; Are there any signs other than itching? – 09/11/2022 –

Tiktoker Isa Paoli was one of the Justin Bieber fans who got to see the singer’s performance at Rock in Rio up close. To stay on the grid, there were even people who used geriatric diapers in an attempt to quell the urge to go to the bathroom. Paoli, meanwhile, said she contracted head lice during the Canadian star’s show.

In one video, she appears offstage and at another point in a beauty salon, where she was followed by a professional removing lice from her hair – see the filing below.

“Before, I was really bad, I relive a nightmare. The neck is where there is the most, I know all the stuff. I kill him believer worthless, the humiliation never ends. Take the fine-toothed comb, pour some vinegar on this head, please,” he said.

Transmission occurs through personal contact (head to head) with a person with lice, but also through indirect contact with utensils such as a comb, brush, scarves, hats, tiara, etc.

Do lice cause symptoms other than itching?

For some people, the manifestation may not show any signs (they are asymptomatic). However, itching often occurs within 6 weeks for people who have never had lice and within 2 days for those who do. It is also common to:

  • Local skin lesion (excoriation) and scabs on the back of the neck and behind the ear;
  • Secondary bacterial infection;
  • Feeling that something is moving in the head.

When to seek medical help?

Dermatologist Carolina Contim Proença, consultant in the Pediatric Dermatology Department of the SBD (Brazilian Society of Dermatology), says* that although the condition is common and there is a pharmaceutical solution that does not require a prescription, it is important to talking to a doctor so he can understand the general can assess conditions and guide therapy, especially in children.

“Once a louse is found in a family member, all members must be examined. Also, if there is a secondary bacterial infection, antibiotics may be needed,” adds Proença. The specialists designated for this consultation are the pediatrician or the dermatologist.

How is the diagnosis made?

At the time of the appointment, the doctor will listen to the patient’s complaint, take their medical history and perform the physical examination, paying particular attention to the scalp.

Because additional tests are not required and the diagnosis is based on these data, it is called clinical.

How’s the treatment going ?

The goal is to eliminate the infestation, which is done by means of antiparasitic agents used topically (lotions or shampoos).

The patient will also be instructed to manually remove the nits daily with a fine-toothed comb until they are completely removed.

“Therapeutics have evolved in recent years and we already have oral (systemic) treatment, which is done with ivermectin. It is generally indicated when local measures have not been sufficient. Because the dosages must be adjusted, this strategy must always be guided by the doctor”, explains* dermatologist Ana Lúcia França da Costa, professor at the UFPI.

*With information from a report published on 17-05-22.

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Fan Caught Head Lice at Justin Bieber Concert; Are there any signs other than itching? – 09/11/2022 –

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