Famous store cashier shocked by her physical resemblance to Hailey, wife of Justin Bieber

Hailey Bieber’s name has been heard quite frequently recently and, obviously, She is one of the most controversial women in modeling due to her romantic relationship with her husband, Justin Bieber.Well, the musician was always involved with Selena Gómez, so presenting the model in the lives of her fans did not receive as much support as they expected.

Same reason why, after four years of marriage to the singer, Hailey has wanted to talk for the first time about what she has experienced during this time when there has been a constant comparison between her and the singer on social networks. So, during her time on a “podcast” she wanted to talk about how hard it has been for her, but not before emphasizing the respect she feels for Selena and her full admiration, assuring that neither she nor her husband’s ex have the blame for all the messages they receive daily.

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And it is that, now while Hailey’s statements roll around the Internet, It has been a girl who has really benefited from the model, because her physical resemblance is impressive. It is about a young woman who works as a cashier at Oxxo and to whom many have told her that she has a great similarity to the celebrity.

She is Alex Silva, she lives in Monterrey and went viral because of the beauty of her face that has made many compare her and that is, The teenager has managed to take advantage of the situation on social networks, especially on TikTok where she already exceeds 3,000 followers, a platform where she takes the opportunity to tell all the anecdotes she lives daily because of her physique. In addition, he has also used the networks to show other facets of his life, just as he does on his Instagram profile where he shows his hobbies and routines, away from his work life.

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While this is happening, on social networks they continue to talk about those statements given by Baldwin where Selena is openly mentioned, however, the singer did not hesitate to respond to what happened: “I think some of the things I don’t need to know about are just vile and disgusting. It is not fair, because you should never speak to anyone in the way that I have seen. All I have to say is that it’s incredibly ironic that I’m going to release something that’s about kind words, ‘Cause that’s exactly what I want, just that”, Selena mentioned during a live broadcast she did on TikTok.

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Making it more than clear that what she is looking for is that they stop associating her with the CanadianWell, several years have passed in which both decided to lead their lives separately and work both on professional projects, such as those that Selena has with music and audiovisual production, as well as with their relationships, Well, Justin got married, while the actress has been seen in different relationships but everything indicates that none of them has been victorious so that he can get to the altar and form his family as his ex is doing.

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Famous store cashier shocked by her physical resemblance to Hailey, wife of Justin Bieber

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