Famous men and women singled out for queerbaiting

We tell you why some famous men and women have received accusations for queerbaiting.

Throughout his career, Famous Y famous have received accusations of queerbaiting. As the representation issue that it is, we must take into account that many edges cross it. It’s one thing to expose when a celebrity or public person profits politically, economically and artistically from LGBT+ causes, demands and identities and another that someone is required to come out of the closet.

No one is obliged to account to us for the way in which they experience their sexuality. The process of coming out —or not— from the closet is a personal decision. Now, it is also essential to underline that the sex dissident populations have fought for decades for dignified representations and politicized pronouncements.

As we are interested in things being clear from the beginning, we briefly explain what do we mean by the term ‘queerbaiting’:

«Strategy of marketing in which creators of showsmovies or stories hint that there is a storyline LGBT+, but there really isn’t.”

Since it is ‘easier’ to disguise it in the story linesthe queerbaiting as part of a business plan found in other branches of entertainment. Music is one of them. Of course, it has also been a more than profitable and functional tactic for the series. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE SUBJECT, CLICK ON THIS NOTE THAT EXPLAINS IN DETAIL WHAT IT IS QUEERBAITING.

bad bunny

The kiss with the dancer Nigel O’Brian at the 2022 MTV VMAs it was not the first time that the Bad Rabbit was pointed out as one of the celebrities who incur in queerbaiting. In 2020, received many comments of this type after the release of the video “Yo perreo sola”. Every time the Puerto Rican poses with clothes or accessories that, according to society, are only ‘feminine’, he is asked again about his sexual orientation. However, so far Bad Bunny has only said the following in a conversation with the Los Angeles Times:

«[La sexualidad] doesn’t define me At the end of the day I don’t know if in 20 years I’m going to fall in love with a man. One never knows in this life. At the moment I’m straight and I like women.”

Harry Styles

From this list of noted celebrities from queerbaiting, Harry Styles It is perhaps the one we have most in mind. On more than one occasion, the singer of “As It Was” He has said that he does not believe in labels.

For part of the public, it has only had to do with a personal issue. But for other people of diversity has caused outrage because it implies that naming us does not matter. history queerbaiter of Styles is quite long. start from the ships that arose in the fan base of one direction (Larry stylinson). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE DEBATE OF THE queerbait BY HARRY STYLES.

However, the accusations became more relevant in his solo career. It is because several of his projects have target to the sexually diverse audience. mypoliceman is an example of it. THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE GAY CHARACTER OF HARRY STYLES IN MY POLICEMAN.

In 2022, almost at the same time as the premiere of said tape of Michael GrandageHarry was in the spotlight of the debate after the kiss he gave Nick Kroll during the standing ovation Don’t Worry Darling in the venice festival.

David Dawson and Harry Styles bring to life the gay couple from mypoliceman. / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Kit Connor

We know that Alice Osseman, patrick walters, euro lyn Y Daniel Edwards They did a great job with the cast of the adaptation of heart stopper. Beyond the physical resemblance to the comic book characters, it was sought that the protagonists were in charge of LGBT+ people. DO THIS TEST TO KNOW WHICH CHARACTER OF HEARTSTOPPER ARE.

Even so, after the series positioned itself as one of the most popular contents in Netflix, Kit Connor (Nick Nelson) was called out for never talking about his sexuality… well, not in the way that part of the fandom It demands him.

In May 2022, after joe locke (charlie spring) received violent comments on Twitter, the also actor of Rocketman He was surprised at the way his friend was being attacked and Cost. On those same dates he published the following tweet.

This is what Kit Connor had to say about social media comments about his sexual orientation. / Photo: Twitter (@kit_connor)

Days later, he had an interview with Josh Smith (king). During the chat with the editor of Glamorthe young man of 18 years he respectfully said that, at the moment, labels did not go with him. To which he added:

“We are so young. And they start speculating about our sexuality and maybe pressuring us to come out when we’re not ready. In my case, I am perfectly safe and comfortable with my sexuality. But I still don’t feel big enough. Also, I don’t feel like I have to label myself, especially not in a public way.”

Despite the actor’s response, in June 2022 again received accusations of queerbaiting after what attended with the rest of the cast of heart stopper to the London Pride Parade. The September 12Kit reported that will delete your Twitter account. “It’s a very absurd application,” she wrote a day after people on the internet claimed that he is heterosexual just because he was seen holding hands with the actress. Maia Reficowho, by the way, identifies as LGBT+. KNOW THE DETAILS OF THE MOVIE THAT WILL STAR MAIA REFICCO AND KIT CONNOR.

billie eilish

She is one of the famous Z generation who were also accused of queerbaiting. In June 2021, the singer of “Happier Than Ever” published a promotional image of the video “Lost Cause”.

In the Instagram description, he wrote that he loved girls. Part of her followers thought that she came out of the closet. But it’s not like that. Billie has never spoken publicly about the subject. Even, in an interview with she hinted that the insistence on inquiring about his sexuality is sexist. CHECK THE DETAILS OF THIS ACCUSATION AGAINST BILLIE EILISH.

Users assured that Billie Eilish did queerbaiting. / Photo: Twitter (@shirecrow)

charlie puth

singer and producer charlie puth has made gay guys swoon on a few occasions. But if you’re on Twitter and TikTok, you know he’s also one of the celebrities who’s been singled out for queerbaiting.

Comments of this type were very frequent after he released the song “Cheating On You”. The accusations have not only been made on social networks. In mid-May 2022, TheDailyBeast promoted one of his articles under the headline: «Charlie Puth is the latest male celebrity to do queerbait to get likes».

Have you already read this note? / Image: The Daily Beast

Nick Jonas is another of the celebrities who have been singled out for queerbaiting

In the same text in which the entertainment critic Coleman Spilde (The DailyBeast) talk about charlie puthincludes the least of the Hermanos Jonas. It has not been the only medium that has taken the issue. rolling stone, USAToday Y Huffington Post are some other examples.

There have been many times that Nick has been told that his way of ‘being an ally’ is not exactly the most appropriate. However, the event that caused the most discussion about it was when he attended the Stonewall Inn in New York. Much of the community was quite wary of the fact that, at an event dedicated to Orlando victims, he was the headlining act… 3 days after he released the album Last Year Was Complicated.

Nick Jonas / Photo: PAUSE

Emilio Osorio

If you were a fan of Aristemo, you know that things did not end well for him off screen. Emilio Osorio Y Joaquin Bondoni. After being the fictitious couple of the moment, they did not communicate again.

But the estrangement was not the only thing. Emilio Osorio is not only one of the celebrities who were accused of —and it was proven— queerbaiting. He is also one of those who were exposed as false allies. In January 2021, Mane de la Parra and the producer Juan Osorio published a video where they made fun of homosexuality.

Emilio was involved in the clip. As background I had to in september 2020 used the word “machorra” in his participation in the program the sun rises.

Emilio Osorio played Aristotle Córcega in the novel My husband has a family. / Photo: El Comercio

tATu could not be missing in this count of celebrities who accused of queerbaiting

The September 9, 2002 tattooRussian duo made up of Lena Katina Y Julia Volkovapremiered “All The Things She Said”second theme of 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane (2002) which placed them among the biggest pop hits.

The video in which they are shown as 2 schoolgirls who discover their sexuality caused the song to be a lesbian anthem. But unfortunately, years later we learned that the song written by Elena Kiper was part of a strategy in which, in addition to taking advantage of the LGBT+ public, the sexuality of the then 15-year-olds was made something extremely profitable for the producer Ivan Shapovalov.

Likewise, one of the tATu, Julia, revealed her homophobia for later, in a clear example of gaslighting, deny it. Therefore, the duo is among the famous who made queerbaiting. HERE WE TELL YOU THE WHOLE STORY BEHIND “ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID”.

What do you think about these cases of celebrities who are accused of queerbaiting?

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Famous men and women singled out for queerbaiting

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