Exhibitions and concerts to celebrate International Museum Day

The Centro del Carmen collects the motto chosen by the international community, ‘The power of museums’, to celebrate International Museum Day 2022

Valencia, Friday 13.05.22


“International Museum Day”, which has been celebrated for 40 years, offers the opportunity to make culture and museums visible as a vehicle for growth and exchange, as a means of expression and agitator of consciences. The Carmen Center in Valencia reflects the motto chosen by the international community, ‘The power of museums’to celebrate International Museum Day 2022, and brings art and culture closer to all citizens through shows, concerts, educational activities and audiovisual productions.

Visitors who come next week to the Centro del Carmen will be able to enjoy the exhibition ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’, in which national and international urban artists share their concerns about the various problems that affect the environment.

The sample ‘Because I’m so?’, which is part of the official calendar of World Design Capital Valencia 2022, highlights the importance of design in our society, while ‘Artists and machines. Dialogues in the development of digital art’ explores the relationships between the artist and the modern reproduction machine, be it a computer, photocopier or portable video camera. A trip to the past that arrives in the form of the present.

The last inauguration of the center, ‘Contemporary art of the Generalitat Valenciana V’, brings together 19 works of art acquired by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in 2021, in the fifth campaign of the initiative born in 2017 with the purpose of promoting and revitalizing the Valencian artistic sector.

Coinciding with the celebration of International Museum Day, the Centro del Carmen opens ‘CCCC podcast’, the new path of the center in the podcasting movement. A series of twenty episodes, presented by the radio journalist Amàlia Garrigós and the sound artist Edu Comelles, which will be published fortnightly on the main streaming audio platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music. This is the first sound content created specifically and regularly from a Valencian museum, a narrative podcast with a dynamic rhythm to disseminate and promote the cultural and social diversity that is generated in the Carmen Center.

SONORA Festival

On May 20 and 21 at the CCCC, and with free access, the fourth edition of the SONORAS Festival will take place, a cycle of music and ‘performance’ produced by the Centro del Carmen that brings together composers and creators who are at the forefront of sound and visual experimentation, proposing unusual formats that unite the playful aspect with aesthetics and vindication.

Artists such as Suzanne Ciani, Nad Spiro, Marta Hammond, Bromo (Paloma Peñarrubia and Azael Ferrer), She Knows (Teresa Tomás and Marcel Dadalto) and Ankward Moments (Mimi Xu and Gillian Maguire) star in the poster of the meeting, which is completed with a DJ set of the well-known journalist Rosa Pérez, expert in art and music, director and presenter of the program ‘Fluido Rosa’, of Radio Nacional de España, about music and contemporary art.

SONORAS IV also hosts the screening of the documentary ‘Sisters with Transistors’, directed by Lisa Rovner in 2020, which tells the story of the pioneers of electronic music.

10 Senses Festival

The activities co-produced by the Consortium of Museums and the 10 Sentidos Festival will also occupy the calendar of culture lovers for next week at the CCCC, with the show ‘Escape’ on May 19 and ‘Breivik’s Statement’ on Saturday 21. The latter shows in Valencia a work by the director Milo Rau, founder of the IIPM (International Institute of Political Murder), after which a meeting with Milo Rau and Sascha Ö will take place. Soydan, director and actress of the International Institute of Political Murder,

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Exhibitions and concerts to celebrate International Museum Day

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