Excavations in Cagnac: investigators are (also) looking for Delphine Jubillar’s phone

Are investigators currently looking for anything other than the body of Delphine Jubillar? The excavations will resume this beginning of the week in Cagnac-les-Mines. The gendarmes of the Toulouse Research Section think they will find clues that would lead to the body of the nurse who disappeared on December 15, 2020.

Last week we reported that at least three dig sites were cleared and pruned, but other dig sites probably don’t need clearing and could also “to be checked” we are told by a source close to the investigation. According to our observations, all the searches are located, for the moment, around the lower part of the chemin de Drignac, below the farm. But a question arises, aren’t the investigators looking for Delphine’s phone?

The smartphone not found possible key to the mystery

Because this smartphone not found at this stage is good “an important data of the procedure” a judicial source tells us. Investigators know when this device would have stopped transmitting on December 16, they also know where, but probably not to the nearest meter. The gendarmes are convinced that Cédric Jubillar* killed Delphine and that he could not have gone far to get rid of the body. He needed, according to this hypothesis which would induce a premeditation, an area where to hide the corpse of his wife quickly. The wooded and hilly area, currently excavated, is crossed by a path that a vehicle may have taken.

If the Saint-Hubert dogs of the gendarmerie are there to identify human remains, the soldiers of the Specialized Operational Search will spot them, if they exist, the clues containing metal: therefore finding the smartphone would be a priority mission. We know that the detection devices of the 17th parachute engineer regiment of Montauban (17th RGP) require precise adjustments, in particular according to the type of ground and the size of the objects to be searched. The protocol is clear: clean, level, deploy the dogs and then the FOS detection equipment

The Drignac path is not monitored 24 hours a day?

Friday afternoon, while the first week of research was over without any clues being brought to light, no gendarme on duty was responsible for keeping the curious away. Surprising? Not necessarily.

Because the sector has been traveled many times, by Delphine’s friends or during the hunts organized in 2021. Nearby residents have the right to circulate there – the hamlet of Drignac includes half a dozen dwellings – but certainly with instructions from the gendarmes not to trample the excavation areas. The municipal decree prohibiting entry is in force for one month from last Monday. In addition to this display, one can legitimately think that the Drignac path is discreetly watched by the Research Section…

* Indicted for murder by spouse and in pre-trial detention since June 18, Cédric Jubillar is presumed innocent until he has been definitively convicted by an Assize Court.

The southern end of the Chemin de Drignac before the search.

The southern end of the Chemin de Drignac last Friday.

The southern end of the Chemin de Drignac last Friday.


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Excavations in Cagnac: investigators are (also) looking for Delphine Jubillar’s phone

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