Everything you need to know about the Festivalot de Girona

The Palace of Congresses in Girona It is the main stage in which the Festivalot, an event that aims to bring all styles of music closer to families. His approach is that both adults and children can enjoy the most varied rhythms.

The Girona Festival is a festival of family music which is celebrated between the days May 27 and 29 in this Catalan city. This great musical festival brings together on its stage musicians from styles as different as rock, jazz and pop so that children and adults can live the experience of the best live music.

This festival is organized by Pistatxo Productionsfrom the famous Catalan musical group The friends of the arts. From their parental perspective, they have designed it as a date in which young and old enjoy the music on a stage tailored to all attendees and of the city itself. In fact, they hope that it will become a great musical party that all the members of the family can experience together.

These are the Festivalot 2022 concerts

Lali BeGood

The songs of this artist aim to stimulate the creation of bridges of dialogue between parents and children. Its intelligent lyrics and its rhythm are one of the best tools to transmit to the little ones moral and educational values.


These two brothers perform with their band to explain everyday stories with folk rhythms catalan, pop and protest song.

The Tyets + cor Vivace

The fun songs, halfway between trap and reggaeton, They are the main characteristic of this musical proposal that fits perfectly with the tastes of the little ones.

Els Atrapasomnis

This group of children and family entertainment He presents his show at the festival so that the entire public can be carried away by dreams.

David It’s me

This artist brings humor and music to the Girona festival. In addition, he is well known among the youngest for being the presenter of one of the youth programs on Catalan regional television. For the Festivalot, he has prepared a session DJ.

Miguel del Roig

This Catalan musician seduces the public with a unique show, in which he performs a mixture of own and known themes. With the only company of his guitar, he manages to convince everyone.

Dj Trapella

This deejay Catalan is common in clubs and stages of many places. Their mix of old and current themes It is one of the keys to its success, so it will catch the whole family.


Without a doubt, it is one of the most original groups that will participate in the Girona festival. It is composed of six young people aged 14 and 15 completely obsessed with music to the point of having won an emerging music festival. Festival goers will be able to enjoy a mix of their own songs and covers that make up their successful repertoire.

Marcel and Julia

The former singer and composer of the Catalan group Txarango participates in this musical duo. The musical project with his partner is based on the creation of songs that take current issues as their axis, such as climate change.

Damaris Gelabert

A complete show and concert, which makes all the members of the family dance with an attractive mix of musical rhythms. There is no lack, either, of some of the artist’s most popular songs.

Coi Els Montgrons

This group covers some of the most popular traditional Catalan songs, plus some tavern themes. He stands out for his section of Catalan-style wind instruments, such as the famous gralla Y tenor.

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Everything you need to know about the Festivalot de Girona

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