Euphoria: Labrinth, “The teens fell in love with the songs from the first season and that’s amazing!” (INTERVIEW)

Season 2 ofEuphoria struck a blow again. Beating audience records at HBO, this second installment of the teen series designed by Sam Levinson continued to press on sore spots among young people. Even more beautiful and more powerful than its big sister, this season 2 has been enhanced by Labrinth’s musical chords. Meeting with the British composer and producer.

At the house of Euphoria, there is obviously Sam Levinson, creator leading with an iron fist this teen series definitely not like the others; Zendaya, main actress but also producer of the series and Labrinth, the man in the shadows who is responsible for setting every moment of the series to music. Since the release of season 1 ofEuphoria, Labrinth has gone to the superstar stage as the show’s soundtrack is a hit. During a round table with the author, composer, musician, performer and producer (just that), Serieously was able to ask him a few questions.

Can you tell us more about your initial approach to setting music to a series like Euphoria ? Did you have to make some artistic compromises compared to your usual way of working?

Labrinth: No ! No one stands in my way when it comes to songwriting (laughs)! No, more seriously when I started talking to Sam [Levinson, Ndlr] for the series, he almost pushed me to do the music that I used to do. He mainly intervened to tell me “Hey Lab, I’d like a little funk here, a little classic there”his recommendations were more inspiring than dictatorial.

Many changes have taken place between the two seasons and the series has become a classic while others discover it. What has changed for you?

Labrinth: You just said it, the exhibition changed a lot of things. People discover the series and the soundtrack of the first season could be listened to and re-listened to. We even saw some hits on TikTok, the teenagers fell in love with the songs from the first season and that’s incredible!

It seems that some delays were very short on this season 2. How was this creation period when the series was broadcast at this precise moment? And how do you stay so creative in any situation?

Labrinth: Yes, this season some scripts and some episodes were still under construction while other episodes were aired. It was all very intense but in my opinion, it only made things even more exciting. So we hung out a lot at HBO and it allowed the actors to see what I was working on a week before it aired. These short times allowed us to see almost in real time the reactions of people watching the series!


During this season 2 ofEuphoria, we saw you for the first time in front of the camera in the scene of the church. Did you expect to spend a day on that side of the screen? And how did you live this experience?

Labrinth: From the start I said “If you want this series to hold up, you better put me on it” (laughs). We therefore discussed, with a friend of ours, how I could intervene in the series. sam said “I have a great idea and I need the song in two days”. I thought “Hey shit” ! So we took some time with Zendaya in the studio and we wrote I’m Tired and, I wasn’t really going to appear on the show but I asked him “Do you think I should do it?” » and she said “100% safe”. Two days later I was on set. Everything was done easily! Sam, Zendaya and I get along really well creatively. It was simple on the collaboration side and pleasant on the experience side!

Can you tell us more about the song sung by Dominic Fike, Little Star ? Did you collaborate with the interpreter of Eliott for this song?

Labrinth: Actually, we wrote this song with Zendaya, my wife and me. What exactly happened was that Zendaya came up with an idea for a song and she said to me “Eliott needs a song to sing to Rue to tell him he’s sorry and that he wishes things didn’t have to end like this and also to say goodbye to him”, and she began to sing a melody. As we work with Sam, he quickly told us that he needed it for two days from now… Dominic came to record his voice while I was playing the guitar, we all kind of collaborated on this song!

You should know that most of the cast members came to my studio between takes to see where I was. Angus [Cloud, alias Fezco, Ndlr] came a lot and it is under these conditions that most of the songs for Euphoria have been written.

Finally, I would like to know if there was a scene in particular, all seasons ofEuphoria combined, which was difficult to set to music?

Labrinth: This is one of the first scenes of season 2, the one where Fez’s grandmother collapses. I think I made about 5 different tracks! We were trying to put a bit of funk in it and it was supposed to be very simple but funk is sometimes a bit cheesy music. And it can be in two ways: it sometimes sounds like a bad taste porn movie or like too much music. I didn’t want the music to sound like one or the other, it was really hard to find the middle ground. To tell the truth, all the scenes had their difficulty but not as much as this one.

Seasons 1 and 2 ofEuphoria are available on OCS.

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Euphoria: Labrinth, “The teens fell in love with the songs from the first season and that’s amazing!” (INTERVIEW)

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