Euphoria in the castle of Imagine Dragons

Is Quebec becoming a stronghold for Imagine Dragons? Judging by the euphoric reception the group received at the Videotron Center on Tuesday, it is clear that after Céline, Metallica and Muse, music lovers in the capital have new darlings.

Almost five years after a first successful contact in this same Videotron Center, in 2017, and two failed attempts later, Imagine Dragons was finally able to reconnect with the public of Quebec, during what was the first of a series of four concerts in eight days on Quebec soil.

It shouldn’t have taken so long. First hampered by the rain after two songs on the Plains of Abraham in 2019, the quartet again tried to perform at the Festival d’été in 2020, but the pandemic got involved.

These setbacks did not dampen the ardor of the Las Vegas group’s fans.

Proof of its exceptional power of attraction here, while Dan Reynolds’ band attracted 6,500 people in Winnipeg and 6,000 in Victoria, last week, nearly 25,000 tickets were sold for its two concerts of the week, in Quebec. .

Montreal and Quebec are the only two cities in Canada, and among the few in America, to host two concerts of the tour Mercury.

Generous concert

To this love, Imagine Dragons responded with a generous concert of two hours and 25 songs.

Dressed like a guy who had the choice between putting on a show or working out at the gym, Dan Reynolds sent the square into a frenzy by climbing out of the ground on a lifting platform, to the sound of My Lifeone of the seven tracks on the program of their recent 2021 album, Mercury, Act 1.

Quickly, the guys put on the successes. From the first half hour, we had already been able to stuff ourselves with an electrifying Believerwho got everyone out of their seats, It’s Time and Thunderwhile the confetti and smoke flew all over the place.

“I can feel your energy”, launched the singer, on whom all eyes were riveted and who quickly found himself, as is his habit, shirtless.

“The therapy saved me”

Even the acoustic segment, now a staple of nearly every rock concert, didn’t bring the temperature down, especially since that’s when Dan Reynolds decided to go shake hands while singing the unifying anthem I Bet My Life.

Sometimes a motivator, other times a preacher, the star also recalled his long battle with depression.

“The therapy saved my life. That’s why I’m on stage,” he said.

Moments of fellowship

Obviously, the evening would not have been complete without the moments of communion on the emotional Demons and radioactivethe rock bomb that launched them ten years ago.

After such a reunion, we bet that everything will be done so that Quebec does not have to wait another five years before finding its favorite dragons.

Imagine Dragons will be back at the Videotron Center on Sunday. The group will then be at the Bell Center in Montreal on May 3 and 4.

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Euphoria in the castle of Imagine Dragons

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