Euforia’s most decisive gala arrives on TV3 with a big surprise

TV3 euphoria already faces the final stretch of the edition. There are fewer and fewer contestants and this Friday we will live a very decisive gala for the contest after the Stella’s expulsion last week, one of the favorites of the edition and that nobody expected to dismiss. Apart from the usual expulsion, today Euphoria hides a great surprise: tonight we will learn the name of the first semifinalist. The contestant or the contestant who manages to finish the program in the chair of the favorite will enjoy immunity until June 3, when the first semifinal is played with six participants. Until then, today’s favorite will be able to breathe easy and will only sing at the galas for pure display.

The level is getting higher and higher and nerves are on edge. Now, every detail counts and there are only 8 names left: Mariona, Edu, Núria, Triquell, Scorpio, Pedro, Joan and Clàudia. One of them will take the victory.

Gala 9 of Euforia: dancing with Núria and Mariona

The contestant who has the most numbers to be one of the first finalists is Marion, the great acclaimed by the public. She has never been in the danger zone and all of her performances have been highly praised by the jury. At the last gala she asked the program for more of her cane and for them to put on a song with choreography, his great Achilles heel, and his wishes have been orders. In this ninth gala she will perform a song, neither more nor less, of the great Beyonce, Crazy in love. Will she get to shine like she always does?

Nuria is one of Euforia’s other great favorites, who has already shown us that she can handle everything, from the most tender ballad to becoming a true rocker or pop diva who eats up the stage. She this time she interprets a theme from the movie Flashdance, What a feeling. She, however, will do it in Catalan, with the adaptation that she made to the singer Aitana for the TV3 marathon, Tu pots canviar-ho tot, you have to viure.

Edu, Triquell and Pedro, great, challenges in Eufòria TV3

The last performance of Ed made the whole country cry. It had the star appearance of her grandmother, who has already won the hearts of all fans through Instagram, and it was a very special reunion of Edu with the Eufória stage after her playoff. This week she has played a song that she had already sung at the castings, Bad Habitsby Ed Sheeran. It is a thorn in his side, because on that occasion he did not sing it very well. Today, however, he goes for it all.

In this gala, triquell it will not be easy for you. Although he will start the gala sitting in the favorite chair for his great performance with an Imagine Dragons song from last Friday, this week he faces a huge challenge. Today he will interpret a classic of the classics, Al Ventby Raymond, a theme totally opposite to his style with which he has sweated the fat drop during all the rehearsals. But Triquell is not the only one with a big challenge this week. To the angel of Euphoria, Peter, the pan has also been rotated. It has a high-voltage theme and the coaches have already made it clear: he will have to bring out the most sensual Pedro with hentai by Rosalia. At the moment, we have never seen this Pedro, but Catalonia is waiting for him.

scorpion, For his part, he once again has a well-moved song: bang bang by Jessie J., Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. And the two contestants who were last week in the danger zone, Claudia and Joan, they will interpret hold my hand by Lady Gaga Y I know you will crythe Catalan adaptation of world hold onby Kate Ryan, respectively. The two received a wake-up call at the last gala and they know that today they have to fight twice as hard.

Doctor Prats will also go on stage today at Euforia as a guest artist and the long-awaited one, however, will be Wakethe last expelled, which was one of the great favorites of the edition and that nobody expected to fire.

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Euforia’s most decisive gala arrives on TV3 with a big surprise

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