Estopa, chronicle of his concert at the Parc del Fórum in Barcelona (2022)

There isn’t a person in this country who doesn’t know Towwho has not heard of them or who is not able to follow the following sentence: “Because of the slit in your skirt…” And it is that more than twenty years have passed since the publication of their mythical demo and they are still wanting more, as they demonstrated last night in one of the venues with the largest capacity in Barcelona.

Today we are used to seeing how artists fill large venues with a great and surprising production behind them, full of aesthetic resources that enhance their proposal. Something that collides with the concerts of Towwhich only have their usual band and a couple of videos and rather crappy special effects, associated with that aesthetic with which they have characterized themselves in recent years.

And that’s how those from Cornellà planted themselves in the Parc del Fòrum to put on their biggest concert in Barcelona. Because making a Palau Sant Jordi was already too short for them, we are talking about putting 17,000 people in one venue, too short for them! So they went for more and managed to hang the “all sold” sign and gather more than 25,000 people in a concert that was scheduled as part of the second round of presentation of their latest album, “Fire” (Sony, 19), and that they had been postponing since 2020.

At about 9:30 p.m., the Muñoz brothers appeared on stage doing their traditional nose touch, starting the concert. The expectation was maximum, after two years they returned home in one of the largest concerts held after the pandemic without masks and without chairs. All that energy was reflected in the first sentence of the concert, because those first six words that David intoned, “I went to the riverside”the 25,498 souls who were gathered there responded in unison “And I saw that you were very lonely!”leaving the singer overwhelmed, forcing him to let the public carry the song on wings.

Thus began a concert that would last more than two hours in which, far from presenting their latest work, they celebrated their twentieth anniversary in music. They proposed a show where they brought together the best of their repertoire, with hardly any respite for the attendees and, of course, without any surprises, as they declared: “We don’t rest, we don’t bring guests, or pickled dicks!”

But who wants all that paraphernalia if they don’t need it? Because the Tow perhaps they don’t have that neatness when it comes to singing that other artists like Amaia have, nor do they bring great guests, nor do they have a great production behind them like C. Tangana did, but they don’t need it. They have earned themselves one of the most representative artists of these last two decades in Spain thanks to that multitude of songs that have become anthems within the national culture. And all of them were present last night. In fact, only four played on the new album, but nobody seemed to care, because that wasn’t just a concert, it was a celebration. A celebration in which both brothers wanted to make it clear to whom they were dedicating it: to all those people who had left us because of the pandemic.

So they gave it their all in songs as mythical as “chunk by hunk” either “I’m out of breath” and also in those that, although they are not so commercial, are among the most popular with the public, such as “Walk”, “Vacation” either “Red wine”. That was a real party in which in one song you could see everyone clapping in the purest rumba style and in the next, you found yourself doing pogos and jumping nonstop as if you were at a rock concert. Because if there is something that defines the style of the Muñoz, it is that rock rumba that they have been practicing so well during these more than twenty years.

Already in the final part of the concert, and as usual in their live performances, they let us know how some of their songs were born. The rest of the band left the stage and both brothers strapped on a Spanish guitar and, sitting on stools, began to make acoustic versions of several of their oldest songs. It felt like we were attending a songwriting session as they recreated the first version of some of their older pieces like “So alone”, “My first gray hair” either “Demons”while they rambled in conversations that came to unite philosophers with beers.

And after that moment alone, they announced that they only had one song left to finish. That could not be other than “Like Shrimp”, one of his best-known pieces and in which everyone left their voices. Thus they said goodbye to a Fòrum surrendered at their feet and to whom they thanked for their attendance and their perseverance for not returning the ticket and waiting for this concert for more than two years.

Whether you are fans of Tow, as if not, the humility and humanity that these two brothers give off does not go unnoticed by anyone, and theirs is nothing more than the triumph of hard work and the brilliance of simplicity. David and José have been showing for twenty years that with great songs, effort and work they can achieve anything. And allow me to get emotional, because on Saturday night all of us who are neighbors of that small region called Baix Llobregat had the feeling of having triumphed once again. Because they are proof that a dream born in a small bar in Cornellà can become a great reality. And if they have now gathered more than 25,000 people, what will be next? Let’s hope that, at the very least, it will be another few years of great songs.

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Estopa, chronicle of his concert at the Parc del Fórum in Barcelona (2022)

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