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Esteban Lamothe Tells the The Anecdote Behind Ouke, with Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso

✍ 29 November, 2020 – 13:24

Based on Lola Sasturain’s note. Adapted by Carla Chmiel.

Everyone knows that Esteban Lamothe smokes marijuana. It is so.

As for whether he identifies at what point that fact became vox populi, he has no doubts: “I didn’t go, it was Catriel and Paco!”, he exclaims during an exclusive interview with El Planteo, referring to the Ca7riel-Paco Amoroso duo.

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The song Ouke -better known as “Fumando Flores Con Lamothe”- catapulted the career of the two MCs from Buenos Airesjust as it placed the actor in a new place in the imaginary: it made him known among a younger audience as the smoker and cool actor, friend of the ragpickers.

The anecdote behind Ouke is funny and goes back to the first time the three saw each other, when they were not yet friends. They met at a party in Mendoza and, according to the actor, It was love at first sight. They spent the whole night chatting and smoking a lot.

“It was a night sequence but in the best sense of the word”, recalls Esteban.

After exchanging phones to see each other again, two or three weeks passed without exchanging a word, until Catriel contacted him.

“Cato sent me a message with the subject, quite concerned, telling me that if I didn’t take it, they wouldn’t take it out. I told them: ‘It’s a great song, I’ll die if they don’t take it out’”.

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Then came the friendship and the video, made by Orc Videos, in which Lamothe appears. Today they adore each other, and the song is still a megahit.

Esteban and marijuana

From that moment on, Esteban never stopped making his position in favor of marijuana and against prohibition explicit. He follows, and supports, all the political advances in the country on the subject, and whenever he can, he seeks to contribute his vision to favor the cause.

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Regarding his history of personal consumption, he smoked pressed for decades, he says, and then he switched to the mythical “pinito”.

Today, only smoke delicious things, and he has friends who are great growers and make it easy for him. Although he himself is not an expert grower, he has planted, and when he did he was advised and helped by his friends from Argentine Harvests.

In his forties, he declares himself happy to be at the moment in life when he finally has money to provide for himself: “In my life I have spent fortunes on marijuana,” he says.

He smoked his first joint with his lifelong friend, El Mono, and his relationship with marijuana refers to that mythical adolescence of recitals. In the calm of the town, they were the germ of the devil: those who organized rock dates and smoked marijuana.

“We were the first to smoke joint in Ameghino. I swear, no one else smoked. A cousin from Buenos Aires brought it,” she says, laughing.

There was a moment that, he says, changed his life forever: “It was when I realized that I could smoke joint every day and that I was going to be able to do it all my life. I smoke joint and I don’t care about anything else, everything sucks an egg out of me”.

At that time he was about 19 years old, he had just arrived in the capital and it was at the time that he worked as a waiter.

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“Everything was flat. Life became an infinite plan. I was very happy for a long time. It doesn’t mean not now too, but well, you get used to it”, she says, thinks for a second, and then adds:“ Although it’s still like that. Living here and smoking joint for me is always a great party”.

If you want to see the complete interview with Lola Sasturain you can click here.

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Esteban Lamothe Tells the The Anecdote Behind Ouke, with Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso | The Planting

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