ESAEM dresses up to reward Banderas and India Martínez in an act where even Rosalía slipped in

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in a corner of The delights (Málaga) hides a school that wastes art. ESAEM is becoming an institution since the artists who are trained there are beginning to join the ranks of great Netflix productions, prestigious musicals and fantastic dance companies. ESAEM takes art from Malaga to the world.

This Thursday they celebrated their usual Gala of the Performing Arts Awards, a date for young people from Malaga with culture. It has been curious that these awards bear the name of Antonio Banderas, they have been delivered at the Antonio Banderas Theater and one of them has been for Antonio Banderas and his musical Company, which denotes the excellent relationship that the actor from Malaga has with the school and how much he has done for them.

The man from Malaga has taken advantage of the award to vindicate the importance of culture in our country, but he has also been the hook to reward borja wheel, a young man who left school and has been the choreographer of Company. Rueda did not expect the prize at all, since he was there “like at home”. He has cuddled up with Banderas, whom he has fondly addressed on several occasions as his “boss.” “I am speechless. ESAEM is my home, 11 years ago I left here, and I always feel like the first day, I return home, with my family”, she has expressed.

Banderas, showing India Martínez something on her mobile phone.

EFE/Carlos Diaz

The other has been for India Martínez, who has been the great protagonist of the night. Martínez found out about ESAEM thanks to Lena Zafra and Borja Rueda himself (The pair creatives), two dancers and choreographers who sweep wherever they go and who were born as artists in this school. They have been the ones who have surprised the Cordovan woman with a live performance of Enjoy the process, a creative laboratory that has brought them both home and that represents another form of expression for the new generations of the school through new audiovisual technologies.

And what have they done in this creative laboratory? Lena and Borja together with a group of ESAEM students have reinvented India Martínez’s latest album, Palms, for which it has been awarded. The group has performed (singing, acting and dancing) rigorously live some songs from the singer’s album with her own style, something that the Cordoban has highlighted in her speech when collecting the award. “I have learned a lot from you today. You all have a brutal personality. You have turned Palms and what I have lived in that chair watching you has been something that I will not forget in my life”has declared.

The boys, of all ages, interspersed their performances with videos that they had previously recorded, also with the songs of India. When she was about to reach the end, the woman from Cordoba wanted to be part of the show singing Brave coward, a theme dedicated to haters. The young artists have performed a spectacular choreography surrounding India, visibly moved, who was trying to coordinate with them in the performance.

Flamenco, pop and even beatbox. They have played all the palos, demonstrating that the magic of music lies in variety. They have even sung one of the usual songs in the neighborhood of Las Palmeras, where India was born, and which is reflected at the end of their song The Gypsy woman. “If you want, I’ll go with you… if you want, I’ll go with you…”, they sang while Martínez danced from his seat. During part of the Show They even used a structure that simulated the portal of the block where India grew up, something that surprised him a lot.

India's mock portal.

India’s mock portal.

Dawn Pink

Martínez received the award from Banderas, his “crush“. crush is what we used to know as platonic love”, has clarified laughing, although the majority of the public, adolescent, had understood it to spare. The artist has congratulated the boys for her performance on several occasions and has said that “I wish” she could have had a school like this to train when she lived in that block 11. “ESAEM is a dream”, he expressed, while some students tearfully nodded their heads.

Banderas was also moved. “I look like the honoree with the belly of crying that I hit myself”, confessed between laughter to the public and to India. Thus, Antonio has emphasized that every time he enters ESAEM “I leave with a shot of energy”. “It encourages you to move forward to see a girl play the piano alone… you don’t need more”has declared.

Nor did he want to miss the Rosalía party (ESAEM 2019 award), who has caused the astonishment of the students in a video. The Catalan has addressed India, to which “As a colleague, I greatly admire”. And also to Antonio Banderas, to whom he has assured that he was very sorry not to be there with them and that they had told him “how much he had embroidered his role as Bobby.”

One of the most striking episodes of the evening was the cameo of one of the characters from Companyspecifically April, the stewardess played by the actress María Adamuz, but this time by Paula Meliveo, actress and head of the ESAEM International Department. Meliveo has improvised together with Banderas, whom we have seen “very Bobby”.

The great family photo of ESAEM with India Martínez.

The great family photo of ESAEM with India Martínez.

Dawn Pink

During the night there have also been several nods to the recently deceased Sondheim, a fundamental piece of Company, with a standing ovation and two videos of some students singing Being Alive Y Beautiful Girls, two of his classic works. The culmination of the night was a great family photo that will go down in school history. Long live ESAEM and all its talents.

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ESAEM dresses up to reward Banderas and India Martínez in an act where even Rosalía slipped in

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