Eminem reveals the secrets of his supersonic flow on “Rap God”

During an interview, Eminem came back to the secrets of his ultra-fast flow, which he notably used on “Rap God”.

Eminem is quite talkative these days. After revealing his secrets for keeping in shape, the rapper has this time decided to reveal the underside of the creation of his supersonic verses, in particular that of “Rap God”. An extremely dense piece, on which Eminem impressed himself: “When I first recorded it, I was still listening to CDs at the time. I listened to it in the car, and when it stops, I see “Six minutes”. You know, the timecode on the CD. And I’m like, ‘What the fuck?! Does that say exactly six minutes? It’s crazy!”. So I replayed it: “I just did a fuckin’ six minute song”“.

Eminem: “You must have words that mark every time»

The track, which took Eminem into the Guinness Book, actually contains a tribute to JJ Fad, and their track “Supersonic”, produced by a very young Dr. Dre. The performance of the trio at the end of the piece indeed inspired Eminem for his Supersonic Flow: “For some reason, “summa-lumma, dooma-lumma” stuck in my head for a dayexplains Eminem. And I kept repeating the phrase “summa-lumma, dooma-lumma, summa-lumma, dooma-lumma”. It rhymes with a lot of stuff. It’s a kind of waterfall. I don’t want to call it a stunt, but this kind of stuff has got to have the right words coming out of your mouth. You have to choose the right ones. You have to have words that mark every time. Otherwise it’s gonna be sloppy and sound like shit“.

In doing so, Eminem built his text sentence by sentence. Not forgetting to make sure he had the means to rap what he wrote:It just led me to the next sentence and the next sentence. I remember thinking to myself, “When I go to the studio, am I going to be able to say that shit?” ‘Cause sometimes I write, but my mouth can’t tell. I don’t know why, but sometimes it happens“. Then, arriving behind the microphone, Eminem quickly realized that it was possible: “The first take, I did half of it. And I was like, ‘Okay, cool, I can do this. Now let me focus on the best possible way to say it””.

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Eminem: “We thought “Forgot About Dre” was avant-garde»

Eventually, Eminem even performed “Rap God” live at the YouTube Music Awards. Initially, Paul Rosenberg wasn’t sure it would be possible. But Slim Shady had already planned everything. So he wrote the track keeping in mind that he could perform it live. An adage that he strives to respect as much as possible: “Every time I do something like that, I make sure my mouth can tell. Because I always keep in mind that I should do this live. So I can’t cheat at the studio. I must be able to say it for real“.

If Eminem seemed to have outdone himself on “Rap God,” he finally downgraded his own performance on “Godzilla.” Something to put into perspective his first release of the genre, “Forgot About Dre”, which he had found ahead of his time at the time: ““Godzilla” is ultimately faster. It’s funny, because I remember we thought “Forgot About Dre” was avant-garde. But it’s really not that fast when you think about it“.

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Eminem reveals the secrets of his supersonic flow on “Rap God”

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