Eminem and Snoop Dogg: this is the story of their rivalry and how they solved it

Eminem and Snoop Dogg are two of the most iconic rappers of the hip-hop scene and have been seen together on many occasions and will even share the stage at the superbowl this February 13; however, their friendship has not always been as good as it has been up to now.

The above is due to the fact that they have had various frictions throughout their career; the most recent of them happened last 2020 and up to a year later Snoop clarified that everything was fine between them. Do you know why they had rivalries?

Eminem and Snoop Dogg: the beginning of the rivalry

To understand what happens between them, it is important to keep in mind that they both worked with the legendary producer dr drebecause he was the one who discovered them and promoted their careers to success.

Thus, Dre produced the album ‘Doggystyle’, one of the most successful of Snoop’s career; however, after this, Snoop stopped working with him and his albums failed to be as good as the first.

Later, when Dr. Dre was not having a good time as a producer, Eminem appeared and together they released the ‘The Slim Shady LP‘, an album that was a hit in the world of hip-hop.

So far, everything was going well between Snoop and Eminem, as even collaborated together in a subject and they appeared in the film of ‘The Wash’; however, Dre began to bet more on Em, since even on the producer’s album, called ‘The Chronic 2001’, where both rappers participated, Marshall received more credits.

The similarity of their songs

Until now, there was not so much rivalry between them; however, years later Snoop Dogg would receive accusations for his song ‘Round Here’, as they claimed that it was very similar to Eminem’s Booth.

When Snoop was questioned about this situation, he replied that he did not hear the similarity between the two and that, in addition, I had not heard any of the albums by Slim Shady.

Despite this, and with Eminem’s growing fame, Snoop wanted to record a song with him; however, Daz Dillinger, a former rapper, said that Marshall apparently had refused.

However, Daz Dillinger also pointed out that it was all a misunderstanding, because he did not reject the proposal, because he would never have found out about it, since his manager did not tell him about it. Eminem.

Snoop and the list of the best rappers

After many years, in 2020 Snoop and Eminem They revealed a new rivalry, since the interpreter of ‘Gangsta Zone’ released his list of the best rappers of all time, which did not include Slim Shady.

In addition, he said during a radio program called ‘The Breakfast Club’ that Eminem had achieved his fame thanks to Dr. Dre; He also pointed out that for him, it was not among the best rappers of history

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“Eminem, the great white hope. White rappers got zero respect. Let’s make it clear. None. The [Dr. Dre] It has probably put Eminem in the position he is in now, among those considered to be the 10 greatest rappers in history. I don’t think so, but there is this conception that he is among the best 10 lyricists and that brings fame. But that’s just because he’s with Dr. Dre, and Dr. Dre helped him find the best possible Eminem,” said Snoop Dog.

Following this, Eminem put out a song called ‘Zeus’ where he referenced what Snoop had said: “As far as smashing ‘beefs,’ I’m used to getting beat up/But not in my field/And so diplomatic How I’m trying to be / The last thing I need is Snoop chasing me / Dogg, you were like a fucking god for me / Meh, not really (haha) / I had read ‘Dogg’ backwards”.

Eminem and Snoop Dogg: the end of the rivalry

In January of last year, Snoop Dogg had different interviews, where he mentioned that everything between him and Eminem was fine, in addition to pointing out that they were familyso the rivalries came to an end.

“We are still friends. I think it’s a family affair and I don’t want it to be more than it is. he said what he said [sobre ‘Zeus’]I respect that, we’ll just leave it there. It’s a family thing,” he said in an interview on the TV show ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.’

Currently, both artists seem to have ironed out all the rough edges and will perform on February 13 as part of the halftime of the superbowl in the company of Dr. Dre, Mary J.Blige and Kendrick Lamar.

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Eminem and Snoop Dogg: this is the story of their rivalry and how they solved it

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