ELUVEITIE’s new video for “Exile Of The Gods”. Reissue of WARRANT. ANIMAL announce anniversary album.

New ELUVEITIE Video for “Exile Of The Gods”WARRANT reissueANIMAL announce anniversary album

ELUVEITIE have released a new single titled “Exile Of The Gods”.

The band will visit us in November with AMORPHIS, DARK TRANQUILITY and NAILED TO OBSCURITY.

ELUVEITIE released a new single in July.

His latest album “Ategnatos” was released on April 5, 2018 through Nuclear Blast.

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the disc of WARRANTY “Dog Eat Dog” has been reissued on yellow and black marble vinyl limited to 1,500 copies by Music On Vinyl.

WARRANT - Dog Eat Dog

These are the topics included:

Side A

  1. Machine Gun
  2. The Hole In My Wall
  3. April 2031
  4. Andy Warhol Was Right
  5. bonfire
  6. The Bitter Pill

Side B

  1. Hollywood (So Far, So Good)
  2. All My Bridges Are Burning
  3. quick sand
  4. Let It Rain
  5. inside-out
  6. Sad Theresa

The band said in 2021 to be preparing a new album, but nothing has been known since.

The group’s latest work “Louder, Harder, Faster” was released on May 12, 2017 through Frontiers Records.

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On the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary, ANIMAL (acronym for Harassed Our Indians Died Fighting) have released a new special release entitled “Intimo Extremo – 30 Años”.

These are the topics included with their respective guests:

  • Aura – ANIMAL and Lula Bertoldi (ERUCA SATIVA)
  • Combative – ANIMAL with Bunbury
  • Slave of Illusion – ANIMAL with Draco Rosa
  • Revolution – ANIMAL with Lali
  • Sol – ANIMAL with Gustavo “Chizzo” Napoli (LA RENGA) & Alex Lora (EL TRI)
  • Seeking to reach the sun – ANIMAL with Abel Pintos
  • The new path of man – ANIMAL with Andrés Calamaro & León Gieco
  • Milagro – ANIMAL with Rubén Albarrán (CAFÉ TACVBA) & Roco Pachukote (MALDITA NEIGHBORHOOD)
  • My neighborhood – ANIMAL with Neo Pistea, Ca7riel & Alejandro Taranto
  • Prisoners of oblivion – ANIMAL & Santiago Cruz
  • Horror – ANIMAL, Matamba & Lucybell
  • A reason to continue – ANIMAL with Alejandro Lerner
  • Real – ANIMAL with Agarrate Catalina

The album is made up of re-recordings of songs by the group accompanied by the following guests:

·ARGENTINA: Andres Calamaro – THE REAL DECADENTS – LaliAbel PintosLeon GiecoCa7rielChizzo Napoli (LA RENGA) – Neo PisteaAlexander LernerLula Bertoldi (ERUCA SATIVA)

  • SPAIN: Enrique Bunbury
  • BOLIVIA: Matamba
  • CHILE: lucybell
  • COLOMBIA: Juanes – Santiago Cruz
  • MEXICO: Ruben Albarran (TACVBA COFFEE) – Alex Lora (The Tri) – Roco Pachukote (DAMN NEIGHBORHOOD)
  • USA/PUERTO RICO: pink drake
  • URUGUAY: Hold on Catalina

Here is a new video with Juanes of the song “Only For Being Indians”.

“30 years of ANIMAL It is something historical and unthinkable at the same time. Thank God, we have gone through different situations in our career: difficult moments and moments of glory, separations and reunions, but always ANIMAL he stayed alive in his fans. That made us want to celebrate these 30 years of ANIMAL”, he comments Andres Gimenez.

The vocalist and composer of the group, highlights: “Intimo Extremo is about that, reversioning 15 historical songs in that format: that it be as intimate and versatile as possible, with the most surprising things that ANIMAL never lost and always had; and, at the same time, the most extreme of the band, which is that heaviness that always characterized us. On this album we managed to merge both things.”

In addition to the leader Andrés Giménez on vocals and guitars, the group is completed by the drummer Marcelo Castro, Christian Lapolla the bass and the keyboardist and in charge of the programming Osko Cariolawhich he has also done together with Gimenez of the production.

His latest work “A reason to continue” came out on November 30, 2018.

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ELUVEITIE’s new video for “Exile Of The Gods”. Reissue of WARRANT. ANIMAL announce anniversary album.

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