Eliades Ochoa, from Buena Vista Social Club, arrives with his concert in Medellín

He is a legend of music, of the Cuban son. The guitarist of the famous group Buena Vista Social Club, Eliades Ochoa, will perform in Medellín.

The 75-year-old artist is on tour and will arrive in the city this Friday, May 20, at the José Gutiérrez Gómez Metropolitan Theater at 8:00 p.m. Ochoa comes to celebrate 25 years of Buena Vista Social Club, the recording and documentary about Cuban music that went around the world.

The history

Buena Vista Social Club was a social club in Havana, Cuba, quite popular among the population that went there to dance and sing. This space was famous in the 40s and almost 50 years later (in the 90s) it inspired a recording led by the Cuban musician Juan de Marcos González and the American guitarist Ry Cooder in which they included traditional musicians from the island in which they were even former members of the social club.

After this work came two massive concerts, one in Amsterdam in 1998 and another in New York that were recorded by the German filmmaker Wim Wenders who accompanied the musical images with interviews with the members. This documentary was nominated for an Oscar for Best Long Documentary.

Eliades and his musical tradition
Eliades Ochoa Bustamante was born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba on June 22, 1946.

From a very young age he began to play the guitar, with his parents of peasant origin as teachers and in a self-taught way, “from a very young age he alternated with itinerant troubadours. In his wanderings through guateques, bars and ‘zones of tolerance’ he began to learn the vast traditional repertoire of Cuban music, of which he is today a master. His musical style is due to his place of origin, the Cuban countryside, to the anecdotes I heard, to the peasant parties and to another series of elements that marked him and gave rise to the artist he is today. Eliades joined the Septeto Típico Oriental in 1969 and officially entered the Casa de la Trova in 1970, where he began to perform regularly”, says his official biography.

In 1982 he was part of the Cuarteto Patria, as director, arranger, voice and lead guitar. “Also in the 1980s, he participated with Compay Segundo and the Cuarteto Patria in several artistic tours and with them he recorded the first version of ‘Chan Chan’. The way in which Eliades was inspired to create the first guitar chords of this emblematic song has remained a hallmark that inspires troubadours and listeners”, is reiterated in his story.

His arrival at the Buena Vista Social Club project was thanks to Juan de Marcos González who made a radio call to locate him urgently, after being known to be part of the Cuarteto Patria.

Ochoa participated not only in the Buena Vista album and concerts, but also in the documentary. From that moment the success of some of the Cuban musicians increased who were part of this project and later released solo albums to great acclaim.

The Cuban artist will present hits such as Chan Chan, El Carretero, El Cuarto de Tula, Candela, among others, as well as his most recent collaboration with the Spanish artist C. Tangana entitled Muriendo de Envidia, which is part of the album El Madrileño. .

Tickets are available at tubeleta.com and they range from 115,000 pesos to 400,000 not including service.

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Eliades Ochoa, from Buena Vista Social Club, arrives with his concert in Medellín

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