Electrifying reunion for the 15th edition of Igloofest

The 15th edition of the coldest music festival in the world is in full swing in the Old Port of Montreal until February 11. Fans of electronic and house music, including several faithful members of the LGBTQ community, can finally put on their one-piece and count four on the floor in unison. In addition to offering visitors a 15th edition full of novelties, Igloofest arrives for the very first time in the heart of the Capital, enough to give chills to the Carnaval de Québec.

A 15th edition, finally!
The great winter mass which was to take place in 2021 and 2022, but which had been canceled for the reasons we know, is finally back. According to Nicolas Cournoyer, co-founder of Igloofest, the simple fact of reuniting after three years creates an even more electric atmosphere than usual: “Interacting together in the cold makes people human!

This year, it’s a reunion! It’s even crazier! “. On the menu, there are headliners who need no introduction, including Nora En Pure (January 27), Tiga (February 9) and the ultra-famous Tiësto (February 10). Local artists like Tallandskiinny (February 2), Black Tiger Sex Machine (February 4) and Marycee (February 10) are also behind the decks. This year, Igloofest offers several exciting new features. Among other things, there are more than twenty après-ski evenings held throughout the city on Fridays and Saturdays. The festival organizes four Igloofes for the whole family on Saturday afternoons. Free events held at Quai Jacques-Cartier offer music, visual performances, games and street trucks. The 15th edition finally promises to end in style, on February 11, during a special all-nighter in the dome of the SAT. A pilot project in collaboration with the City of Montreal, the event will offer a schedule from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. where alcohol will be exceptionally authorized all night.

Quebec, tie your tuque! Igloofest is coming!
One of the most anticipated novelties of this 15th edition is probably the arrival of Igloofest in the Capital. Also scheduled for last year, this “418” version of the festival will take place from March 2 to 4 in the heart of ExpoCité. To start things off with a wow, festival-goers in Quebec City will be treated to some very big names, including Montreal DJ Mistress Barbara, German phenomenon Claptone and American DJ Diplo (who recently produced hits with Sia, Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa, just that). How to convince the public of Quebec, traditionally focused on rock music, to go dancing outside at 120 beats per minute? Nicolas Cournoyer responds tit for tat: “Igloofest is much more than music! It’s an experience ! The gang spirit, the camaraderie and the solidarity of the groups create magic in the heart of the cold! The carnivalesque atmosphere married to the visuals and the music really takes people somewhere else! “.

The LGBTQ community, loyal admirers of house music
House music originated in part to create a festive and positive outlet for discriminated LGBTQ communities in the 80s. This culture of brotherhood and inclusion is particularly present among visitors to Igloofest. According to Nicolas Cournoyer, the LGBTQ community has been one of the most loyal fans from the very beginning of the festival: “Diversity and authenticity are riches for us. Several members of the LGBTQ community were present at our very first party and I still see those same faces today. Brotherhood is really part of our DNA, both internally and among the participants”. It is also this idea of ​​openness that prompted the festival to set up its famous one piece competition: “The community and accessible aspect was very important from the start. Showcasing fun clothes is one way to make sure everyone feels welcome, no matter what their look or
belonging”, shares the co-founder of the festival.

For those who are afraid of the cold, don’t worry: you quickly warm your heart when you dance well surrounded, to the rhythm of fraternity.

INFO | Until February 11 at the Old Port of Montreal / www.igloofest.ca

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Electrifying reunion for the 15th edition of Igloofest

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