“El Disko”, the new sound panorama to which Ca7riel introduces us

After the string of singles that caused such an impact on his career, Ca7riel presents his new full-length release.

As much as one can follow an artist on his tours, interviews and his multiple releases, one really ends up knowing the most creative and constructive side of an artist when he releases an album. The general, structural and narrative idea of ​​it are a synthesis of what goes through the minds of these beings who captivate us with their creations. This is what is happening to us Ca7rielwhom we have known for a long time, but this time reveals a sound panorama on his first LP since 2015: The Disko.

Creativity and imagination are present from the first moment of the album, when we are introduced to “Very well” and the mixture that includes between the intro of “Luna de Miel en la mano” by Virus and “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” by the Beatles. From this first moment, we are offered all the guidelines that this eleven-track album will be rfull of craziness that evades the comfort of the listener, making the ephemeral common thread go off on a tangent with surprising resources that bring Cato’s work closer to the idea of ​​a daring sound experience.

What better way to belong to a side than by moving away from any possible definition? The circuit tries to define the young artist from Buenos Aires, but he doesn’t let it. He prefers to condense a sound with the power of metal, the subtlety of soul and the jazzthe dirt of the urban rhythm, among other musical influences that are stacked in a blender to result in this new release for the end of 2021.

It can be said that this is not a sample album. The instrumental vision of Ca7riel together with the production of Thomas Sainz, give an analog touch to a record that, due to its style, could rub shoulders with LPS built on a digital basis. “bad bitch” Y “USA” are an example of this. In the first, we find a very Stevie Wonder bass walking that guides the song in a dynamic, fast and colorful way, while “UU” makes a groove look with precise silences and firm cadences that lead you to move the head nonstop, while the melody faced by the “uh uh uh uh” make the song a friendlier piece that reminds us of Gorillaz.

“Shipea2”, on the other hand, has a more hiphop vibe, with oddly grouped synth hits. It ends up being a piece that alludes to our memory by repeating ourselves “I am a blue prince / one of those who cannot be rescued”. The harmonies and vocal melodies throughout the theme, especially during the stirrup, are the protagonists of this musical experiment.

We can say that those who think that the trap is monotonous do not understand anything. The proof is this roller coaster ride you take The Diskowhich distances itself from the funky and party atmosphere with slow and romantic songs like “chanel machona”, where the limits thought by the monogamous relationships of the past are broken by saying “Which of the two do you deserve? / Let’s go ‘the three’, let’s go ‘without saying hello / your friends’ say you’re very bad “, Y “Souvenir”, where an air lofi unfolds with a leading guitar and a harmony of voices that sing “you left your souvenir perfume”.

Neverthelessthe “good vibes” of the album is interrupted by the dark, cold and electronic facet of the artistwhich is reflected in some of the songs like “where tai”, “Keyhole” Y “no underlow”. Like a frenetic reality check, these intense compositions appear that, with their rough bits, take you away from a party in the middle of a necessary bad trip.

The last face that Ca7riel lets show with “Dust” evidences the genius of a progressive trap that has a metamorphic letter and a soundscape that is constantly transforming, making the album go through the front door.

With three video clips that accompany the work, the young ragpicker positions himself with an aesthetic coherence that goes through all the senses. Carefully thought out and, at the same time, embracing creative debauchery, Ca7riel has conquered, together with Tomy Sainz, the isolation in which it was produced. The Disko and he has not allowed the end of the year to overshadow the greatness of this long play that was so long awaited.

can you listen The Disko and more from Ca7riel on Spotify.

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“El Disko”, the new sound panorama to which Ca7riel introduces us

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