Ed Sheeran remembers the moment he met Queen Elizabeth II

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Few things we like more than a ‘behind the scenes’. Those stories behind our reference series or the videos known as ‘bloopers’ in which we see the actors get out of character and burst out laughing (like the famous impossible scene on the sofa on the stairs in friends). When an actor tells in an interview that a scene was not in the script, but was improvised or, even better, it happened almost by mistake and was kept in the final shoot, we are there to find out and then drop it in front of our friends to impress them: “Did you know that…?” But it is not a closed gossip in the world of cinema, but rather it expands throughout the ‘celebrity’ universe.

Some viral photos generate an extensive conversation around them. The last great snapshot that has earned a big question mark has been that of Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber together at the ‘Academy Museum Gala’: How did that meeting happen? Sometimes we get an answer, sooner or later, and we will be able to satisfy our desire to gossip about one celebrity or another. In other cases, we may never know what happened behind the scenes. Fortunately, Ed Sheeran has left us a (tender) explanation of that famous image in which he appears with queen elizabeth iiwhich is all smiles.

A decade after the encounter between the deceased monarch and the singer-songwriter, we know why she smiled from ear to ear while shaking the artist’s hand. The queen, dressed in a golden gown, looked into her eyes almost like a proud grandmother. So Ed was 21 and his career just took off.his name was still making a niche for himself on the international music scene.

It was during his appearance on the American program ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ in which the British musician recalled this moment, which took place at the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012. In case you can’t find that year, we’ll refresh your memory: that’s when his song ‘The A Team’ hit him all over the world.

Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images

Photo credit: WPA Pool – Getty Images

“It’s a funny photo because she was smiling when she met me. It was during the early stages of my career. She had released a single major single, and was playing her Jubilee,” she recounted. “But i was right next to a very famous comedian who literally made a joke right when she was shaking my hand. So I have this picture with her delighted to see me,” he added. Apparently, at the beginning of the meeting, the queen did not react (it should be remembered that he did not reap her current fame at the time): her smile appeared as soon as she heard the joke, giving away the beautiful picture by showing off her his great sense of humor.

Sheeran did not leave the story there, but instead stressed that that event was very significant For him, it was a performance during the 2002 Jubilee that cleared up any doubts: he wanted to be a musician. “Eric Clapton comes in and does the first opening part of ‘Layla.’ I said to myself, ‘What’s that?’” he recalls about that turn-of-the-century broadcast. “The song ends and, in that instant, I knew I wanted to be that. I wanted to have a guitar, and I wanted to sing on stage.”. Ten years later, she has succeeded. And not only that, but she also performed at the Diamond Jubilee that took place last summer.

“There are not so many times in life when you do things and say: ‘This is a beautiful historical moment’. I feel like I’m doing something that I can look back on 50 years from now and think, ‘That’s cool that I did that.’ So, when the queen passed away, I was thinking about what to say… and I wanted to say that I wouldn’t have picked up the guitar if it hadn’t been for that Golden Jubilee (the one from 2012)”, he has confessed in this ‘story time’.

We are thankful that little Ed was in front of the television during that event that would mark his life (and our ‘playlists’).

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Ed Sheeran remembers the moment he met Queen Elizabeth II

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