Ed Sheeran remembers his excesses with alcohol: “One silly day I drank two bottles of wine”

Ed Sheeran is back and he does it with a new album titled = (Equals), with which it promises to be one of the successes of the year 2021 at the record level. The British artist went to the anthill for the second time, the first occurred in 2017, when it left a great taste in the mouths of the spectators.

The singer fell in love in his interview, wasting sympathy again at Pablo Motos’s questions, especially when he talked about his daughter. Thank you at the birth of her little girl life has completely changed him, especially in regard to his physical form and his habits.

Ed Sheeran has undergone a major change of habits in recent years


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Specifically, thanks to her daughter’s insomnia, she began to exercise. “I took my daughter to the gym and little by little I felt better. People told me that I was handsome and thinner, so it was all a process,” the singer acknowledged before the astonished look of Pablo Motos.

This sudden change has come to him after having a partner, being a father and reaching 30, but it has not been something planned. “I did not pretend to be healthier when I was a father, but it is true that life changes you. It is true that I had to stop drinking to be more alert at any time,” acknowledged the guest of the anthill.

Ed Sheeran, on his big physical change:

Ed Sheeran, on his great physical change: “People told me that I was handsome and thinner, so it was all a process”


The most surprising response from Ed Sheeran came when the Valencian wanted to influence the subject of alcohol after having heard several times that he had stopped drinking. “One silly day I drank two bottles of wine,” he acknowledged after being asked about this issue.

Since they are parents, both he and his partner have a curious rule that he wanted to explain in his interview. On the advice of several friends, there is one day a week in which they are forbidden to talk about their daughter, since they must dedicate an afternoon or a night to being a couple again and forgetting for a few moments about being parents.

Ed Sheeran explained in 'The Anthill' why he has a pub in his garden

Ed Sheeran explained in ‘The Anthill’ why he has a pub in his garden


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Ed Sheeran on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs.

In the coming weeks, Sheeran will publish a Christmas song with Elton John, one of his great idols. Although this collaboration was intended to be published in 2023, the death of a close friend made him rethink everything and decide that he should not wait for time, a revelation in his life.

It was recently Elton’s birthday so Ed decided to give him a macabre and original gift because his friend can have anything he wants: “I wanted to give him something really original, so I ordered him a giant marble penis. I sent it to him , but I didn’t get an answer and I got worried, and all of a sudden he called me and said he loved it.”

Although if we talk about eccentricities, the guest of the anthill does not fall short, since he has a bar in his garden: “The pub from my town was for sale, I thought about buying it, but a classmate from school that I didn’t like very much goes a lot and I didn’t want to buy it with this guy inside. Since I had a barn in my garden that I didn’t use, I decided to reproduce it.

Another of the curious customs of the British is that he does not have a mobile phone. “Since 6 years. I have an iPad with mail, I find it a more interesting way to interact with people,” he explained. Although that luxury may end in the future when his daughter “is older”, which will force him to be reachable at all times.

In the purely musical, Pablo Motos wanted to transfer the question that all the fans of Ed Sheeran about his lack of dates in Spain. “Not yet, but the tour is going to be very long, about five years, don’t worry, I’ll get to Spain,” he reassured his fans before singing live. Overpass Graffiti with only a guitar as support.

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Ed Sheeran remembers his excesses with alcohol: “One silly day I drank two bottles of wine”

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