Ed Sheeran launches a most motivating message for music lovers: “There is no one like you”

We are starting this year with new music and upcoming releases that we are very excited about. Besides this our dear Ed Sheeranwhich sounds within the best musical variety here on CHAIN100has posted on Twitter a very emotional video of an interview he did 10 years ago in which encourages people who sing to find their essence and be themselves.

Ed is taking a break until 2023, which is when he will continue the tour of ‘Mathematics Tour‘ and we will also have a new album, but even so, he has found a hole in his busy schedule to rescue this piece of an interview in which he begins by saying: “There are seven billion people in this world and there is no one like you.and there’s no one who’s going to write songs like you, and no one’s going to sing like you, as long as you stay exactly yourself.”

And then he advised his followers that while they are looking for their voice “imitate people to a certain extent, so that it influences you and helps you write songs”, and continued by saying that “once you find your voice, do it and stick with it, and although it sounds strange and people tell you that it is not going to work”. To which he ended by assuring that if you bet on your voice in the end it will work because “there are seven billion people in the world and at least one will like your musiceven if it’s your mother.”

His precious message has reached the hearts of his fans, because the music industry is often very complicated and more so for people who are very self-demanding with themselves, for this reason, Ed, we take your advice, we will bet on believing in ourselves.

Messages from your fans

The video has been very well received by his fans who have not hesitated to leave some very affectionate messages on the social network: “You have definitely inspired me while it was hard, Thanks Ed. I have overcome so many obstacles throughout my life that prevented me from being able to sing or play instruments. Nobody believed in me, instead they devalued me.

Luckily now I have the freedom and skills to create my own Album” or “This is gold. It is very difficult to find your voice in music. It requires a lot of thought and training. It is now when I am finding what I really like, and you will start to enjoy it this year”, among others.

about his next job

There are still months ahead for his new project to see the light: ‘Abstract‘. After much speculation about the name he would give it, the doubt was cleared up and he confirmed that he continues with that line of mathematical formulas to name her projects. She confirmed it in an interview in which she also explained that the album would be ready next year. Information that they delved into from the sungoing one step further to ensure that it will be in the summer of 2023 when this happens.

It is also known that it will be a collection of very reflective themes with which to plunge into the depths of his current life. Because that’s what it’s going to be about: an intimate and personal portrait to learn the ins and outs of that routine that has changed him considerably since his son arrived. Not only that, but the names of four of the songs that will be part of that long-awaited ‘tracklist’ are already on the table: ‘saltwater‘, ‘boats‘, ‘eyes closed‘ Y ‘Dusty‘.

Do we want to know more? Well there is. Apparently there will be a production loaded with creativity, since he will record ten of the video clips of the songs on this album in the English countryside. United, they will tell a single story. A trend that we have seen here in Spain thanks to a young talent like David Busquets. A way to unleash that creativity in a more detailed and sustained way that, in the case of Sheeran and as he has been demonstrating for years, is more than proven.

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Ed Sheeran launches a most motivating message for music lovers: “There is no one like you”

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