Ed Sheeran, Belén Aguilera, Bad Gyal, Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa say goodbye to May with their new songs

The excitement is real when it comes to Friday of every week. Yes, the weekend is here, but there is another logical reason that justifies our desire for the arrival of this day. And it is that many artists are encouraged to share their latest releases, thus becoming the new favorite soundtrack for music lovers.

On May 20, it was Harry Styles, Camilo, Morat and Cazzu who starred in the list of musical novelties of the week. Whose turn is it now? Hit play and check it out!

Friday May 27

Ed Sheeran, Quevedo 2Step. It’s already here Tour Edition of = (Equals), Sheeran’s fourth studio album. Among the songs that he has released within the framework of this album is the remix of 2Step with Quevedo, a project that has undoubtedly been a surprise for everyone. It is part of the 12 remixes of this song that Ed wanted to share with his fans. On this occasion, they have opted for a style closer to trap but maintaining the original essence of the English hit. What rhythm!

Belen Aguilera – Antagonist. Another that is in luck is Belén, who arrives with a new theme that is going to become our favorite to give it all. With the pop style that characterizes her and some moombahton sounds, the artist expresses through her lyrics her desire to let herself be carried away by impulses and do everything wrong. She doesn’t want to be the protagonist, but the antagonist.

Bad Gyal- I turn it on. The one that is going to become the protagonist of all the perreos is Bad Gyal, who arrives with a new song that is very danceable. And it is that she arrives with the urban sounds that characterize her so much to take anyone to the dance floor. She turns it on!

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Young Thug – potions. The DJ has inaugurated his new era at the hands of these two artists. He releases the first advance of his Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2 with some electronic and funk sounds that have immediately started to loop in the minds of all their fans. And it is that with the names of these three artists in the credits of a song, nothing could go wrong.

Moderate, Aitana – Save me. The Mexican band has teamed up with the successful Catalan artist to launch the new version of save me, one of the hymns of RBD, the group that marked generations from different countries. This theme is part of this new era of Moderatto, which has already released other versions of the band with other artists.

Nyno Vargas, Omar Montes – Shoulder strap. Others who make everything they publish together a success are these two artists, who have now come together in Shoulder strap. Urban rhythms are very present in this theme, which invites us to give it our all on the dance floor.

Cazzu, Maria Becerra – maleficent. The head of the trap has wanted to share with her fans a new preview of cheating babe, the album that will arrive on May 30. She has done it hand in hand with María Becerra, with whom she has filled us all with empowerment. They arrive with some urban sounds that have made all their fans perrear.

Manuel Carrasco- Must live in the moment. Huelva always knows how to appear at times when we need a cry of hope and enthusiasm. With a Spanish pop sound, the artist wants to make it clear that it is very important to enjoy every second of life and make the most of it. Life there is only one!

Manuel Turizo- The bachata. The Colombian wanted to overcome a new challenge by presenting his first bachata. He arrives charged with romance, although he tells the story of a boy’s heartbreak who remembers his lost love. Something with which many will feel identified.

Rayden, Alvaro de Luna – In the sky of the mouth. It is one of the collaborations that we most expected. They come together in this theme that talks about all those loves that only sell lies and words that “stick to the roof of our mouths”.

Other artists who have shared their new projects this week are Beele, Myke Towers and Feid with Barranquilla Below ZeroRozalen with hold on to lifeVanesa Martín and Jesse & Joy with If I couldLong live Sweden and Leiva with Just when the world tightensLIT Killah and Lil Mosey with BipolarJedet and Bebe with Your love like a scalpel and Alba Reche with That was also me (I want to remember).

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Ed Sheeran, Belén Aguilera, Bad Gyal, Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa say goodbye to May with their new songs

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