Ebro Food Trucks Festival in Zaragoza at the Fiestas del Pilar 2022: concerts and what to eat

It is street food, but there is a large dining room with more than 1,000 seats. You can try delicacies from the farthest corner of the planet, and also wonders that come from here next door; plus, no one is left out, there are vegan and gluten-free options along with meals that are more about pampering the palate than nutritional balance. The fifth edition of the Ebro Food Trucks festival begins this Thursday, October 6, and runs until the very end of the Fiestas del Pilar 2022. Live music, both by groups and soloists as well as in the form of DJ sessions, completes the menu at Parque San Pablo, just before reaching Plaza Europa and the Almozara bridge. This Thursday the 6th opens at 6:00 p.m. and the rest of the days It opens from 11:00 a.m. to midnight on weekdays, and extends the closing time to 2:30 p.m. on weekends.

The 20 ‘food trucks’ of Zaragoza to lick your fingers these the Pilar Festival

There are about twenty ‘food trucks’ summoned to the party. Dabiz Muñoz’s famous GoXo is not among them, she has opted for a different location and is on her own. Nevertheless, the quality and variety of this group on the banks of the Ebro is more than enough to satisfy the demands of all attendees. Some are regulars at Zaragoza events, others come for the first time, and offer very specific specialties these days, to speed up attention. Here is the gastronomic offer of the place:

  • Taste of the Pyrenees. Two broken eggs from happy chickens with natural mountain potatoes. You can add chistorra, boletus, Graus sausage, Pyrenees mushrooms, Orio eels, Serrano ham, marinated chicken, foie or your vegetable option with vegetables. They also offer homemade free-range chicken nuggets and papas bravas. Attention: all gluten free.
  • The Fabulous LLuigis. Here the thing is about ice cream and, indeed, they do not contain gluten either. In addition, they are vegan and add different sugar-free sorbets to the menu. They have artisan crepes and waffles, artisan popsicles and oreo, chocolate, vanilla and kindergarten ice cream shakes.
  • the lilac. Do you usually cry with emotion at the thought of a squid sandwich to please your body in the middle of a night out? Well, here they are, with a variety of sauces. You can order them without gluten, if you want or need it.
  • The Scoundrel Mafia. The star in this cart is the great Mediterranean secret sandwich. In addition, you can order potatoes from La Mafia, chicken fingers and a delicious squid burger. Also ask for La Vegan from La Mafia.
  • Basque Truck. Burgers, and from the north. Simple in concept and rich in variety. You can choose between the Angus Blue (homemade blueberry bread, Angus hamburger, Basque txerri bacon, caramelized pear, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, tomato and aioli), the Iberian secret (homemade cherry bread, Iberian pork hamburger, mashed potato, caramelized pear, poached onion, almond powder, havarti cheese, arugula and homemade green sauce) the veggie yellow (yellow turmeric bread, homemade vegan hamburger, mézclum, homemade green sauce, poached onion, cheddar cheese, beetroot and tomato) and the Angus black (cuttlefish ink black bread, Angus hamburger, cheddar cheese, homemade tartar sauce, poached onion, beetroot, tomato and bacon).
  • Pizza Man. Little to add. The choice is between a four-cheese pizza, another barbecue, the classic margarita and for that part of the population happy to be called a gourmand, that of Nutella.
  • dreams. Do you want a puppy that is eaten? Here are several. The Pepi Dog is a cervela sausage in a soft bun, with pickled gherkins and crunchy onions. The Chily Dog is also cervela on soft bread, but with homemade beef chili and jalapeños. The Bacon Dog includes the variation of smoked bacon and barbecue sauce, while the Chessy has cheddar cheese and the Baby Dog includes a cone of fries and hot dog tacos.
  • Smoked Pulled. Here the option is direct: a brioche sandwich with shredded pork with spinach, tomato and barbecue sauce.
  • Box Office. Mexico moves to the banks of the Ebro. They offer chicken breast tacos with rice, pico de gallo, lettuce, cheese and jalapeños. There are also nachos with melted cheese, pico de gallo and jalapeños; the ham and cheese quesadillas or the chicken breast burritos, with pico de gallo rice, lettuce, cheese and jalapeños (with and without tortillas) complete the offer.
  • Traveling Butchers. It is not a program of the meat guild, but a ‘food truck’ with an original name that serves a delicious beef burger served with cheese, potatoes and granny croquettes.
  • Urban Food Gala. Its beef burger weighs 200 grams and also has Iberian bacon, cheddar cheese, green shoots, mayonnaise and our barbecue sauce. There is also a beef burger, goat cheese, caramelized onion, green shoots and mustard and honey mayonnaise; the Tex Mex has Iberian bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise and Texmex sauce on toasted artisan bread; the vegetable with roasted pepper comes with a vegetable burger, shitake, pad thai, roasted peppers, crispy fried onions, green shoots, a fine mayonnaise base and gaucha sauce; Finally, the Vegetal Champis is based on a vegetable burger, fresh mushrooms, mayonnaise and crispy fried onions, accompanied by tartar sauce. Oh and they have potato chips
  • Yummy World Flavors. Do you think the hamburger variety is not enough? There is more. Here they have the Buffalo Monster Burger (Juanito Baker potato roll bread, 200-gram organic Asturian beef, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, caramelized onion and baby lettuce) together with the Iberian Forest Burger, which has the same bread and meat together with Iberian ham , black truffle sauce with lime zest, mix of mushrooms and wild boletus. The New Jersey Gourmet Burger introduces the variant of the duck mousse, grated Parmesan, onion jam, arugula and tomato. Also, the Fitness Gourmet Burger, with goat cheese, fresh guacamole, fresh basil and tomato. If you want more, order nachos.
  • Asian Street Food. Long live Pan Bao! Here they stuff it with Pekinese-style duck or shredded pork; the Siu Mai is a ‘din sum’ stuffed with chicken and shrimp. There are gyozas stuffed with pork and vegetables; Panang Kai is a Thai chicken panang curry with broccoli and peppers, served with jasmine rice. They have Yakisoba (Japanese stir-fried noodles with Asian vegetables) and dessert mochis, that Japanese sticky rice cake filled with different mousses: chocolate, matcha tea, oreo or cheesecake.
  • Urban Food Scoundrel. Here they expand the range of the offer: from a Taco Chingón (pork cooked at low temperature, avocado, red cabbage, chingona mayo, pickled onion, jalapeños and pancakes) to the Heura Veggie Burger (beetroot, peas, carrot, and apple with grilled eggplant, hummus, green shoots, caramelized onion, tomato confit and brioche bread). As for the Red Hot Chili Burger, it is a beef burger with mayonnaise, chipotle, green shoots, cheddar cheese, avocado, jalapeños and brioche bread. The Teriyaki Pulled Pork consists of pork cooked at a low temperature, teriyaki, coleslaw salad, green shoots, brioche bread and chili pepper. And the hamburgers come on a tray, with salad and fries.
  • The Quinchito. Travel to the south of Latin America with a Bocatón (grilled vacuum meat, filleted, with lettuce, tomato, egg, cheese and bacon) or a good Argentinian Parrillada (a plate with three cuts of beef, half a Creole sausage, bread salad and chimichurri). The ration of Vacío, which is very filling, is beef cut into tacos with bread with tomato and chimichurri.
  • Greek twists. A classic that offers the Greek sandwich of roast pork, chicken or mixed meat, in pita bread with tomato and onion (optional), chips and sauce of your choice. There is a vegetable option with feta cheese in pita bread with tomato and onion (optional), chips and sauce to choose from. The sauces are a plus: tzatziki (Greek yogurt with cucumber), tirosalata (Greek yogurt with feta cheese), hugaresa (york ham, bacon and mayonnaise) and the famous paprika (spicy red pepper sauce). Keftedakia can also be ordered in a ration of 12 units of meat balls stuffed with cheese.
  • german tavern. Here the German sausage sandwiches (bratwurst, currywurst, weiswurst) triumph for the most carnivorous.
  • The Craftsman. The star of this cart is the Teriyaki chicken sandwich with hazelnut mayonnaise and crispy corn. They also have sweet sandwich with mustard mayonnaise, tomato confit and chives. The falafel has avocado mayonnaise, green shoots and arugula. There is another low-temperature pork meat with American salad and barbecue sauce. And they have nachos.
  • The Cinema. It’s the place for panko-battered chicken wings at Ebro Food Trucks. They come with potato wedges and bathed in smoked barbecue sauce. There are also Texas-style fried wings, marinated in spices and accompanied by potatoes. For those who prefer it, there are chicken fingers, onion rings or battered chicken burger with tomato, mesclun and lime mayonnaise. The beef rib burger with melted cheddar, crispy fried onion, barbecue and mayonnaise also stands out.
  • Pull them. In its varied offer, the falafel on vegan focaccia stands out, with tzatziki sauce or vegan mayonnaise, as well as the bicolor quinoa poke with edamame wakame seaweed, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, vegan croquettes and teriyaki sauce. They will have nachos with guacamole, chili de carne or vegan, and chips with vegan mayonnaise. They also offer chili con carne burrito, heura wire burrito, vegetable burrito and their synchronized quesadilla.

Concerts of the Ebro Food Trucks Festival 2022

The program has absolutely everything when it comes to Aragonese talent, and admission is free. This Thursday the Gandules are already appearing, and on Friday the 7th there will be a duel between Nacho Estévez and Diego Meléndezbesides the rock of The Hottubes. On Saturday there is youth with Model and veteran with Seven; Sunday 9 they play The Funktoms and there is a tribute to Mecano, while on Monday the 10th the cycle Zaragoza Emergente stands out with four bands, among which is Melanchronicwhich currently has a documentary on Netflix.

On Tuesday the 11th they act china chana from Villamayor and there is a trio party lost in the 80s; Pilar’s day will be up to SweetDrinkz and Yellow Ghosts in the DJ section, plus versions of Cucumbers and a Tribute to Heroes, The Awakening of Silence; Thursday the 13th Ziro Y Viki & The Wild, winner in the South Pyrenees 2022; Friday the 14th, street parade Guild Artists Y tribute to Fito and Extremoduro; saturday 15 iran The Lines, Cretin and a tribute to Manolo Garciaand will close on Sunday the 16th with the exquisite pop of Skull.

Latest news about the Fiestas del Pilar 2022.

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Ebro Food Trucks Festival in Zaragoza at the Fiestas del Pilar 2022: concerts and what to eat

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