Easy Halloween makeup for women: the best looks for the party this year!

Thinking about a complete head-to-toe Halloween costume can be overwhelming, not to mention the price. Luckily for you, these easy Halloween 2022 makeup ideas for women are simple, super stylish, and can be used as complete costumes. From intricate rhinestones to bold eyeliner, these 9 Halloween eye looks will inspire your creativity. All you need is eye shadow, some eyeliner, false eyelashes and a steady hand.

Halloween makeup ideas 2022 for women easy and stylish!

easy halloween woman makeup 2022

Pull out your eyeshadow palette full of shades you never wear because it’s time to shine, and get inspired with these quick and easy Halloween makeup ideas to wear with her costume.

Easy Halloween woman makeup: rainbow in glitter

rainbow glitter makeup idea

Not all eye makeup requires an eyeshadow palette. Sometimes all you need is a highlighter and rhinestones in every color of the rainbow – Halloween makeup that takes a bit of patience, but absolutely delivers gorgeous !

Halloween makeup woman half face: Prince Zuko

prince zuko inspired look

Prince Zuko is set to become one of this year’s hottest Halloween makeup looks, and for good reason. The makeup is all about recreating Zuko’s signature burn around the eye and you can easily recreate this look at home. A dark red eyeshadow topped with a shimmery highlighter will do just fine.

Easy Halloween woman makeup: green eyes

disguise green eyes makeup

There’s something about green makeup that evokes Halloween. It’s unique enough to stand on its own and is very eye-catching despite its simplicity, making it perfect for an almost full costume – try this understated look to complete any ethereal costume!

Stranger Things

stranger things makeup Halloween woman easy

Kayla Holloway embodied the first season of Stranger Things in the best possible way with those Christmas lights draped over her cheekbones and Eleven’s signature nosebleed. To pull off this look, you’ll need black liquid eyeliner and a few colored eyeliner pencils for the fairy lights, red pigment for the fake bloody nose, and sunset-colored eyeshadow for the eyes.

Christina Aguilera

makeup christina aguilera hair

We’re back with another easy Halloween makeup look as a tribute to Y2K pop culture, but this time it’s dedicated to singer-songwriter Christina. Luckily this makeup technique seems to only require a few basic makeup bag items and the style is perfect for a last minute Halloween look because you can be as messy as you want with smokey eyes and that would still match the Christina Aguilera vibe.

You will definitely need a gray eyeshadow to outline the upper eyelid and lower lash line. Also, don’t forget to add highlighter to the inner corners and the tip of your nose to get the full effect.

Cassie’s makeup from Euphoria

cassie euphoria trendy makeup

Credit goes to Season 2 of the Euphoria series for giving us even more Halloween makeup looks to copy this year, like that Cassie look in the first episode that was the cornerstone of the bathtub scene. And fortunately, this makeup is very easy to do: Put eyelash glue in the shape of a wing, wait 10 seconds for it to be sticky, then glue small rhinestones. If you have hooded eyes, you can place your rhinestones just above your natural crease to make the wing stand out.

Banana makeup

makeup woman banana eyes

This fruit-inspired costume is super quirky and proves you can transform into anything with makeup – even inanimate objects like fruit. Grab some yellow eye shadow like pressed powder shadow and some brown eyeliner and you officially have this easy-to-lock Halloween makeup look.

neon tears

halloween party neon tears

The ultimate look to recreate for a Halloween party in a nightclub! With a multi-purpose pigment you can achieve neon pink teardrops, shimmery pink eyeshadow and pink tinted brows. This look is impressive and requires very little effort.

villain makeup

Easy Elegant Halloween Woman Makeup

This look is arguably the easiest we’ve found, making it a go-to solution when you decide at the last minute to attend the party your friends have invited you to! The key to achieving smooth, even lines is an eye pencil that glides on easily.

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Easy Halloween makeup for women: the best looks for the party this year!

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