EAQ Class Council 2022: #33 Austria

With “Halo”, Austria has seduced many eurofans.

Our editors are also, for the most part, rather enthusiastic about the title.

Discover the ratings and comments attributed by our panel to the title of Lumix ft Pia Maria.

Betty: 7.5

Austria took a risk this year. The country of Conchita Wurst has opted for “Halo”, a very radio-friendly, accessible, addictive and powerful title. The song has everything to seduce voters, especially the youngest. Only, Pia Maria lacks experience as an interpreter and it shows. In the studio it’s okay, live there is still room for improvement. He has a few days left to practice vocally. Otherwise, even if “Halo” is a very good song, to qualify for the final it will be complicated.

Juliet: 9

“Halo” is definitely not the type of song I would gravitate towards. And yet… There is something very catchy in the song, something that pulls you along and makes you want to jump in with both feet singing at the top of your voice. It’s very well produced, very memorable, very modern; the potential for a worldwide hit is there. Only downside: the vocal performances of Pia Maria at the various pre-parties seriously jeopardize the chances of an Austrian qualification. Fingers crossed.

Mary: 7.5

Very catchy and impactful song but be careful to take care of the live. Pia’s voice does not seem to be ready for the moment and it could cost Austria dearly.

Maxentius: 9

So, if I only base myself on the song, it’s devilishly effective. These musical flights on this EDM proposal well cut to point internationally make me want to burn the dancefloor scene. There’s zero downtime, it’s a storm from start to finish. Unfortunately, we often know the fate of EDM proposals at Eurovision, for lack of a suitable interpreter. And it must be noted in view of the pre-parties that Pia Maria is following the same path. “Halo” is likely to flop strongly in my ranking and at Eurovision.

Remi: 7.5

Halo conceals a major ingredient which is often criticized for the lack of titles in the running at Eurovision: it is radio-friendly to death! Proof of this is its wide broadcast on radio waves in France, little known for their Euro-sympathy. Besides that, it’s a danceable, energetic title, general public and of excellent production that Austria offers us this year. Beware, however, of a pitfall: that of the DJ title which breaks the face live, the fault of the absence of technical additives in the studio version. Terrible pitfall that Austria seems set to reproduce this year in view of Pia Maria’s first live performance…

Chris: 8

I like “Halo” a lot. One of my favorite songs from Eurovision 2022. Austria offers a danceable electro-pop track, with a devilishly effective rhythm. The title benefits from eighties sounds, all modernized and well produced! The chorus is memorable and the “la la la la” after the bridge are catchy. LUM!X is a dynamic duo with infectious energy. I really hope for his qualification. He deserves it. The young people are going to set fire to the palco of the PalaOlimpico, no doubt about it!

Lotte: 7

An energetic title, perfect for working out! Jokes aside, it’s a song that live can turn out to be “puzzling”.

Zipo: 8.5

I am delighted that a “dance” song is present in this competition and I did not expect Austria to propose it. A song as I like them that encourages you to get up from your sofa thanks to its frantic and admirable non-stop rhythm. The young performer is doing remarkably well, which is never easy with such a fast song without downtime. A great success, I hope, confirmed live.

Pascal: 8.5

A title that moves and is quite addictive in its genre. What a pity that Pia Maria is not on point vocally. The qualification seems compromised but I will listen to the studio version for a long time, like for “Dance alone” by Jana Burcevska.

Audrey: 7.5

Personally, I like the slightly electro-pop songs at Eurovision, even if I am aware that this is not the place indicated since the DJ is not live and that creating an effective camera rendering is more complicated. It is neither totally modern nor outdated. It does the job and it’s a catchy bop to listen to, which is easily held back. I’m happy to see Austria come up with something new and, in studio version, it ranks in my top 10. This rating does not take into account recent elements which suggest that vocally, Pia Maria is struggling to hold the breath and notes…

Total: 80 points i.e. an average of 8.00/10

Superb 4th place for Lumix ft Pia Maria.

Provisional classification:

1. Poland 8.70

2. Italy 8.50

3. Sweden 8.15

4. Austria 8.00

5. Lithuania 7.50

6. UK 7.50

7. Ukraine 7.40

8. Serbia 7.35

9. Greece 7.20

10. Czech Republic 7.20

11. Spain 7.10

12. Azerbaijan 7.00

13. Georgia 6.95

14. Armenia 6.95

15. Slovenia 6.80

16. Belgium 6.80

17. Cyprus 6.80

18. Ireland: 6.70

19. Norway 6.65

20. Finland 6.65

21. Germany 6.45

22. Montenegro 6.45

23. Switzerland 6.40

24. Albania 6.40

25. San Marino 6.00

26. Croatia 6.00

27. Latvia 5.70

28. Denmark 5.55

29. Romania 5.55

30. North Macedonia: 5.30

31. Malta 5.30

32. Israel 5.20

33. Bulgaria 4.00

And you, what does “Halo” inspire you?

Tomorrow, we will go to Iceland to discover the evaluations received by the Systur trio.

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EAQ Class Council 2022: #33 Austria

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