Dunkirk: Romain Verfaillie, the passionate luthier

Romain Verfaillie creates, repairs, restores and customizes guitars, violins, basses and many more. He does his job with passion.

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I should have been a car mechanic

», smiles the young man, «

like my father

. From a very young age, he has loved guitars. ”

When friends dreamed of their first car, I bought my first guitar. I was 16

“recalls Romain Verfaillie. ”

and I tweaked it to make it better!

“It’s always the guitar in hand that he works, first as a mechanic”

but in the Navy!

and then to the nuclear power plant. His nickname at that time was… Jimi Hendrix. ”

It should be noted that I had hair!

“Here he goes”

for a year with luthier Christian Petit. Crazy improvement!

He created VR Instruments, first in Quaëdypre, where the workshops are still located, then opened in Dunkirk. He will move in September to 18, rue du Sud “

to have only one store where the machines will also be

. »

Passionate about his profession as a luthier, Romain Verfaillie creates guitars and even a cello.
Passionate about his profession as a luthier, Romain Verfaillie creates guitars and even a cello.

Passionate about his profession, he creates guitars and even a cello. ”

A creation represents a lot of research. Wood first because each tree produces a different sound, whether mahogany, ash, spruce or cedar

. Then he continues on the frets, the bridge, the varnish, the strings, the drying of the wood, the cutting of the wood, the specialized sawmills… Inexhaustible. His eyes shine. Like when he talks about that Gibson he had to revamp. He specifies ”

I did a special training in fine arts for a year to be an airbrush

» ; he even affixes mother-of-pearl inlays. His regret is that the profession is on the way out, he adds “

when you work with your head and your hands, you feel alive!

His passion even makes him say that he doesn’t feel like he’s working!

It also offers consignment sales, “

I proceed to the various settings and guarantee the guitar

“fixes the amps,”

and all broken parts are recycled!


VR Instruments, by appointment: 7, rue de Beaumont, Wednesday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; 1202, route de Wylder in Quaëdypre, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Facebook, Instagram, VR Instruments. Such. : 06 51 48 08 97.

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Dunkirk: Romain Verfaillie, the passionate luthier

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