Dua Lipa’s Trainer Walked Me Through Recreating Her Favorite Workout

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    I confess: I absolutely adore Dua Lipa. From the moment that I heard New Rules, became one of my favorite pop singers. And one of the things that I like the most -beyond her music- is the closeness that she has with her followers. She is always interacting with them through her social networks like Instagram.

    the singer of Levitating He has shared everything. From his outfits to his dance rehearsals, but one thing that has always caught my attention is: his strong abs. I’m not one to worry about having a six pack perfect, but Dua’s photos definitely inspire me to want to strengthen my belly.

    “I think trying different types, like bike crunches, is good,” he told Hannah Bronfman in an interview on Viva. “Leg raises are great too, unless my back hurts. Planks – like these chair plank exercises – are good, though they’re my least favorite!”

    I’m training for a half marathon, and my athletic trainer always emphasizes the importance of having a strong belly, which helps with long distance running. Inspired by Dua and bored by my current routine, I decided switch things up for a week and do several of your workouts.

    The training plan

      • Monday: session with Dua’s trainer, Sora Connor
      • Tuesday: 15 minute HIIT and core
      • Wednesday: Pilates
      • Thursday: 15 minute HIIT and cardio
      • Friday: boxing
      • Saturday: 15 minute HIIT and cardio
      • Sunday: Y7 Yoga

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      This is not Dua’s exact schedule, but I put it together based on her Instagram posts and from what she has mentioned, they are her favorite exercises in interviews. I even booked a session with her Coach Sora Connor. She has been training Dua for about three years and gave me the scoop on what they usually do together.

      “We always work the whole body,” Sora told me. “Sometimes it focuses more on the core, other times it’s the glutes. main objective is to work the muscles so that they become strong and tonedbut the focus is on create a long, slender line”. Given the Dua’s dancing is a big part of her cardioI also decided to keep a light running version of my schedule.

      Alexa Pipia / Christine Giordano

      Exercising with friends makes time fly

      Dua leans on her friends fitness to get a little motivated. “Whether it’s through Zoom, working out with my friend Ella in Los Angeles, who runs an amazing workout class called Sculpt With Ellaor with my best friend, Bunny, who comes to help me train on those days when I feel very lazy and I need someone to motivate me, “he said.

      Since my friends aren’t trainers, I recruited my best friend Melissa to will accompany me to a pilates class. I chose this particular class to have a friend for moral support because I don’t do pilates often. It was the second time I had taken a class, but it might as well have been the first because I completely forgot how it was. Having my friend by my side to smile when the moves got a little difficult was a huge motivation.

      Just because you’re moving slow doesn’t mean you’re not working hard.

      Although I was used to fast paced workouts As the spinning and boxing, including pilates, yoga, and core-focused exercises, took me a bit out of my element. I usually stay away from those kinds of classes because, as a New Yorker, I guess I’m addicted to moving fast.

      During my session with Dua’s trainer, we focus on my belly and buttocks with movements like kicks, bicycle crunches, and leg raises. And, just like in pilates and yoga classes, the session consisted of making slow and controlled movements.

      It was much harder than I thought! My muscles were shaking and sore for days after each of those workouts. Definitely, I worked muscles that I had never touched before. I realized that by panting and being messier, I wasn’t getting any stronger.

      Don’t underestimate a quick morning workout

      “I love to do something that’s really quick, like a 15-minute HIIT session that I can do before I start my day,” she said. Dua . That is why I planned some workouts rapid before work this week. I chose 15-minute HIIT cardio classes and followed them up with 5-minute core workouts. Let me tell you that the training sessions were not a joke. They were filled with wide jumps, push-ups and jump squats.. I definitely felt my heart rate increase, like I was taking a 45 minute class.

      Besides, exercise in the morning before my busy day, it really helped me clear my head and made me feel accomplished. The other plus was that because they didn’t take as long, I was able to sleep a bit longer, which I loved. It was really very beneficial.

      Fitness can also be about learning a skill

          alexa pipia trying dua lipa workouts

          Alexa Pipia / Christine Giordano

          One thing I have in common with Dua is our love for boxing. “I like that it’s definitely a full body workout” said earlier about the sport. “Since I started boxing, I’ve probably been in the best shape possible. It’s also a great stress reliever.” She couldn’t agree more, so she was excited to add a session with the rumble , Jessica Margulies during the week.

          I have been boxing for a few years now and as well as being my favorite exercise and relieve stressI enjoy that there is always something to learn, from how to throw punches to defensive moves to how to move around the ring. She reminded me how Dua constantly dances too. Even though she is learning choreography as part of its job, it also provides you with excellent exercise. During this week I noticed that when I changed my perspective from: “I need to finish this training” to “I’m learning so many new things”, it made it more enjoyable and I felt like time flew by.

          alexa pipia trying dua lipa workouts

          Alexa Pipia / Christine Giordano

          Strong cores are not just ‘six packs’

              Going into this week, I anticipated working out my abs during the core exercises, but was very surprised that I ended up strengthening those muscles basically every day. Even in boxing and yoga I felt like I was training my belly, whether I was holding a plank or making sure I was crunching my obliques.

              Did I end the week with abs that look like Dua’s? Definitely not. But I noticed a lot of improvement when I started the race, I felt much stronger and more agile. So yeah, I ended up admiring Dua a lot more.

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      Dua Lipa’s Trainer Walked Me Through Recreating Her Favorite Workout

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