Dua Lipa’s 3D nails are the new thing in ‘nail art’ for 2022

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    Dua Lipa He has shared on Instagram, as usual, some moments of his day to day. Singer is a regular follower of the most cutting-edge trends and through this publication, we were able to witness some moments of his vacation in San Bartolomé -where he performed at the LuisaViaRoma x UNICEF Gala-. But not only that, these snapshots allowed us to see the new nail art of the interpreter of Levitating.

    Among all the trends that come to life through the personal style of the artist, her manicures have become in one of its recognizable signs of identity. Dua Lipa does not resist any of the manicures of the moment, from the crystal French manicure, to animal print designs, as has also led Kendall Jenner, recently. And despite all the changes, there is always something that is a constant in her manicures: the almond shape that stylizes her hands.

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    This is something that is kept on your last bet. The singer wanted to commemorate past times by choosing for herself a chrome silver tone. But the most important thing about this creation is not the infinite shine of the base enamel. About himself the music star added some textured bubbles in three dimensions that mimicked the globular shape of lava drops inside a lava lamp. Of all the colors in which this decorative element was sold years ago, Dua Lipa opted to dye a duochrome greenwhich looks fuchsia, depending on the light, the bubbles on her nails.

    It is not surprising that the singer has chosen this design since she is an unconditional fan of the 70s and many of their outfits of fashion and beauty are inspired by this fun decade. And although it may be a style too daring for manysthe aesthetics of your manicures it’s a discreet detail that can be replicated by anyone to feel the sensations that emerged from the aesthetics of that time.

    more nostalgic

    Her nails aren’t the only passport to the past featured in the artist’s Instagram post. And it is that in one of the images the artist appears making one of the typical bracelets with cables that all millennial ever did in his youth. In the case of the singer, opt for a four-strand design that mixes various shades of pinkI’m sure it turned out great!

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    To top it off, in another of the snapshots, Dua Lipa looks some plastic rings also inspired by the renewed aesthetics of those that were a trend at the beginning of the 2000s. And there is no doubt that regressions to the past, in everything that has to do with fashion, is a trend: whether it is the makeup of the 60s, the hair aesthetics of the 90s or the most varied trends of the 2000s Willing to go back to wearing the trends that one day you already wore? Which one do you prefer?

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Dua Lipa’s 3D nails are the new thing in ‘nail art’ for 2022

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