Dua Lipa wears a look with a rhinestone thong like the fashion of the 2000s

Among the many talents he has Dua Lipawe could not forget to mention the size with which he manages to change style from one day to the next, and still look fabulous in whatever she wears. Now that the euphoria for fashion of the 2000 is back in its full glory Dua could not be left behind and has adopted a touch with vibes Y2K in every item she wears for her outfits, from total denim lookup to one thong on the outside that attracted attention by being made of rhinestones.

Being a trend that even in the 2000 was seen as risky and only a few carried it with pride, it is not strange that Dua Lipa has joined it, because since the beginning of his career, he has made it clear that he follows his own rules to create an image that reflects his essence and that of his music.

The fashion of the 2000s is back and Dua Lipa proves it

Every season New styles emerge that are not to everyone’s liking. In the 2000 It became popular to wear underwear, such as thongs and bras, so that they stood out from the outfit, which immediately caused controversy, although for the most popular personalities of that time it became the perfect ally to be considered icons who did not obey rules. To mention a couple of examples, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were among the first to wear the thong thus.

Some time later, the return of this fashion with dresses made in such a way as to give the illusion that the thong or underwear stood out of the look final. The vibrant colors, the textures, the rhinestones and the large prints were the final warning that the Y2K it was back, this time with greater strength and greater exponents, ranging from artists to influencers and fashion bloggers.

Photo: Instagram @dualipa

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Dua Lipa shows thong with rhinestones

The British performer is one of the contemporary personalities who has allowed her style to be most influenced by the two-mile fashionwearing outfits complete denim, low-waisted jeans, small bags, XL sunglasses, tops with colorful prints and garments in general with unusual textures or finishes. So of course she couldn’t ignore the beaded detail lingerie used in the Exterior so carefully stand out of the pants or skirt, as if it were being taught.

Pairing it with loose-fitting tailored trousers paired with a short blazer worn as a shirt, Dua Lipa wore one thong black that had an extra golden chain, creating a kind of belt.

In the images you shared on Instagram through a photo dump, that is, several photos from different moments in the same publication, it can be seen how the chain joined the thong and from it hung a small pendant encrusted with rhinestonessimilar in design to the fretwork that used to be worn in the 2000s.

Photo: Instagram @dualipa

East attire It was combined with a black leather belt with an XL buckle, which matched perfectly with the look chance that Dua carried and raised thanks to his underwear with stones from outside, a style that predominates among her favourites, since on multiple occasions she has worn tops, bikinis and sets decorated with details of rhinestones or small diamonds, an indisputable nod to the “bling bling” that characterized the 2000s fashion and which is now represented as the Y2K that has taken over music, catwalks and screens.

Although it is an option that not everyone dares to try, Dua Lipa makes it clear that there are no limitations when it comes to experimenting with our image, and that by choosing elements that favor and please us, we can obtain amazing results, worthy of a girl from the 2000.

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Dua Lipa wears a look with a rhinestone thong like the fashion of the 2000s

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